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I have been faced with several heavy issues lately and at times the issues seemed overwhelming and suffocating. It brought up every fear I have ever harbored within and left me feeling vulnerable, at times victimized. I didn’t like feeling that at all, and so I had to figure out a way to get beyond these discomforting feelings.  At first I felt myself thrown into panic and overwhelm, it all seemed more than my mind was willing to accept, I often felt like a caged animal in a trap. This was exhausting and not helping me at all, so something had to change. I do a great deal of what I call ‘inside work’. Instead of reading a book, watching TV, listening to quiet music etc. I will sit in silence with a pad of paper and a pen and begin to ask myself questions. Why do I feel this or that? Where did this feeling originate from? If I break this feeling down what is the core issue that is creating it? Not only does this process eventually bring me answers, you get to really know who you are. I believe this is a problem many are facing today, not truly knowing themselves inside and out. We may feel things and  struggle with those feelings, but how often do we ask ourselves where those feelings came from and why?

I think there are many things we don’t do, not because we don’t want to, but because we simply don’t think to do them. I remember once thinking I saw something fly by the moon, but in heaven’s name what could be that big that I would see it? I grabbed my binoculars and took a look and was startled by what the moon looked like just a bit closer up. In all the years I’d lived, it never occurred to me to look at the moon through binoculars. It can be the same for how we work on ourselves as well. What questions to ask ourselves that never entered our minds, how we figure out to deal with issues so they are not overwhelming. What occurs to me may not occur to you. This is what the value of sharing is all about, sharing inspiring new ways of thinking and seeing so that change and improvement can take place allowing us all to move forward.

I recently read a book called Small Move, Big Change by Caroline Arnold. What a simple yet profound book of wisdom. She essentially shows you ways to make small changes in your life that will lead to greater change overall. She calls it the Microsolution System. A complete set of rules, models and examples to help you master the art of instant and sustainable self-improvement. It really is a great book and inspires one into finally feeling they can make change and be successful at it! It certainly took away my feelings of overwhelm and replaced it with the knowing I could make changes and never go back to what was. These are all the small steps we all need to be taking right now to become more secure and trusting in who we are and what we can accomplish. For far too long many in the world have followed along with the herd doing what the a Government says is best and NOT thinking for ourselves. It has caused us to become disconnected from our essence. If we are to win this battle for light and love we must be strong and know who we are and what we can become.

It is time to set aside the technology for a short while and just sit and be with ourselves and the silence of the universe. That is where we will find the answers to many of our questions. A good example of a Caroline’s Microsolution for our technology filled lives might be to make a pact with yourself. Nothing too big or you will never stay committed to it. So start small like committing to saving one of your weekend days to go technology free every weekend or even half a day to start. It takes 6-8 weeks to create a habit that will stick so be vigilant. Often times while partaking in our commitment we begin to like what we are doing, our time away from computers and iphones  for example. Sometimes we enjoy it so much we extend our time frames to include more time to do what we are doing.

So write down a list of habits you would like to change to become a better and healthier person. Once you have the list choose two of them and begin your work of changing them by the Microsolution way. It is manageable and the end result can do nothing but inspire you to do more as you begin to change into the person you have dreamed about being. Give it try. Self improvement is a wonderful journey with great rewards if you are willing to stick with it. Best of luck…

Blessings to us all,