It’s Full Moon Time Again!!!



August 29th is the full moon and the energies are already being felt. Remember the new moon and putting our ideas into action? Now is the time to help birth those ideas that have been simmering all month.  Here is the article. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “It’s Full Moon Time Again!!!

  1. Hi VK,

    As I glanced through the full article, the question that you pose there resonated:

    “What are you doing to deepen your spiritual practice and anchor a greater faith and trust in spirit?”

    You have also pointed a great way forward pathway when you say that we need to shift away from the concerns posed by the external world to prioritizing aspects of our inner world. I believe this is possible through having ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Integrity’ as foundational values within us.

    Great post!



    • Hey Shakti…Sorry for the delay! I have been without my computer for ten days now and finally just got it back. Yes, it’s our inner work that will shift the world. We are in the process, wish we could just speed things up a bit! It is quite the journey to be sure. One we will never forget and we should feel blessed to have been chosen to be here at this time! Blessings to you my friend…VK 🙂

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