A Message To All Politicians!

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It amazes me to watch the talking heads prattle on endlessly about this election that is still a year off! GROAN! Really? No agenda here folks. It is Donald Trump this and Ben Carson that and Carly Fiorina is ‘surging’ in the polls as well. Yawn. Here is my message to the Politicians and I guess more importantly to the media as well! The world has changed everybody! You need to wake up and hop on the train before you are left in the fumes as it speeds away. The people have awoken, they know the truth now and more importantly they know what they want. They want business as usual to end! They are embracing change in whatever form it arrives in, be it loud and boisterous, soft and gentle or gutsy and glamorous. Let the old fogies throw away their money on pointless campaigns, because they are not at all aware of who the people are, what they want or where the people are headed. That’s fine, better their money wasted than mine, then again who has money anyway? It reminds me of the three monkeys hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The insider politicians hear nothing, see nothing,  and speak evil…Hey the early bird gets the worm so I guess they lost out. That is what happens when you are caught up in an agenda and unable to see reality…Go political outsiders! One of you is destined to help change the country and the reality we are stuck inside of for now. Good luck and God speed….

Blessings to the outsiders…


Times Are A Changin’…

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Oh ‘the times they are a changin’…Boy Dylan had that right for sure. The changes are coming fast and furiously now, one almost doesn’t have time to catch their breath! I went through a short span of time where everything I was seeing happening in the world infuriated me and most of that anger was directed at the perpetrators of the chaos we are seeing unfold. Yes indeed they are greatly responsible for what we are going through, but then I sat back and thought about it more closely.  Of course I am still very angry by what these twisted minds are doing to the world, but I also realized I was quite undone by the fact the people are remaining silent about so many devastating issues! Well, maybe not silent, we certainly are telling the world we will no longer accept business as usual in our Government by shunning politicians! Other than that obvious sign, I see very little else being done.

The dark ones have an arsenal of weapons to use upon us all, their greatest being the mind numbing hypnosis of television propaganda. I know myself, as well as many of my fellow bloggers, have spent the past three or four years specifically trying to awaken the people to the truth and showing them where they were being sucked in and held captive. As the people began awakening and more importantly questioning, the false flags and chaos increased and one could visibly see the actual war of words that was taking place. The people would begin to escape their prison of illusion and suddenly some catastrophe would be created to implode the fear factor again and reel the people back in before they could fully escape. So how do we overcome such powerful odds? Something is needed other than just a few blogs here and there dedicated to waking people up. While that definitely helps, we need an explosion of reality to jolt people out of their tv induced comas the same way the dark’s manufactured terrorist attacks and bombings are able to grab people’s attention through fear.

Obviously we do not want fear to be our catalyst. We have enough of that pulling the world down. I was remembering when I first woke up fully back in the  early 1990’s and I was trying to figure out what prompted that awakening. It was being faced with a jolt of mind bending reality that the world as I knew it was not indeed reality! The experience was very much like people who go through near death experiences. For most it seems their lives are changed forever, no going back no matter what. Well we certainly don’t want to have to almost die to alter our lives and yet the tragedies we are facing on a daily basis have become so common place they never seem to fully awaken the people. They peek out at the light coming in through the darkness, question things for a short while, but then they put on the sun glasses again and fade back into the false reality of the world. How do we in fact not only awaken people, but KEEP them awake?

Recently we had the anniversary of 9-11 and of course the dark uses every available opportunity to grab the people’s attention, and 9-11 is always a massive one. While I completely respect and offer my heart to all those who perished and the grief-stricken families they leave behind, it is so hard for me to face the fact so many people still buy into the story of 9-11 with all of the hardcore, well researched facts that have been put forth to the contrary.  This tells me there are huge numbers of people still sound asleep, buying into the lies and being held captive in the propaganda tv dimension of life! This is not only frustrating, it is down right dangerous. The biggest lie right now that drives me insane is the western forest fires! If anyone has been following the truth of weather modification they can physically WATCH the rain storms being diverted away from the areas we now know are in extreme drought. This is man-made, it is not nature! People’s lives have little value to the dark forces running the world.

So here is my question of the day. How on earth can we jolt people awake with enough force to KEEP them awake and able to remain free of the illusion? This is indeed one question worth pondering  to find the answer to. When you know the naked truth, all of the pieces begin to fall into place and you can actually watch the moves of the dark ones to try to keep control of our minds, you can see how each tragedy they drag out has an agenda to capture us and make us feel and believe a certain way.  What they shove forth on television as news and truth is nothing but lies designed to sway our beliefs, to convince us to believe in a reality that is anything but. Game on as they say. They are not backing down nor are we. There has got to be a way to help people peer through the fog of lies and finally see the truth and give them that much-needed AH HA injection moment that prompts total awakening. If we are to win this battle and bring light and truth back to the world, we need people able to see what is really going on! Whatever it is that jolts one awake, once you are awake fully there is NO going back. The absurdity of what we have been accepting as ‘reality’ becomes crystal clear.

So how to fight back against the mind numbing propaganda being shoved down our throats and help people wake up fully so they are not pulled back down into the muck and mire of false reality, so they can escape at long last and stay that way? This is the real issue we need to solve.  How to not only wake up but how we can stay awake. I truly believe the answer lies somewhere in our self-actualization, our ability to know ourselves well enough to know where we need to eliminate issues that are seriously holding us back.  This journey is multifaceted and yet as with everything it has its core. We are that core, the deciding factor that will ultimately bring about change because we change ourselves.

Blessings to us all,