A Message To All Politicians!

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It amazes me to watch the talking heads prattle on endlessly about this election that is still a year off! GROAN! Really? No agenda here folks. It is Donald Trump this and Ben Carson that and Carly Fiorina is ‘surging’ in the polls as well. Yawn. Here is my message to the Politicians and I guess more importantly to the media as well! The world has changed everybody! You need to wake up and hop on the train before you are left in the fumes as it speeds away. The people have awoken, they know the truth now and more importantly they know what they want. They want business as usual to end! They are embracing change in whatever form it arrives in, be it loud and boisterous, soft and gentle or gutsy and glamorous. Let the old fogies throw away their money on pointless campaigns, because they are not at all aware of who the people are, what they want or where the people are headed. That’s fine, better their money wasted than mine, then again who has money anyway? It reminds me of the three monkeys hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. The insider politicians hear nothing, see nothing,  and speak evil…Hey the early bird gets the worm so I guess they lost out. That is what happens when you are caught up in an agenda and unable to see reality…Go political outsiders! One of you is destined to help change the country and the reality we are stuck inside of for now. Good luck and God speed….

Blessings to the outsiders…


5 thoughts on “A Message To All Politicians!

  1. Interesting….Don’t get swallowed up by fear thinking though Futuret….Stay awake but stay positive as well…Too much fear is drowning the planet. The frequency of fear is in control unless we all refuse to buy into fear but still stay awake….VK


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