Creating A New Story…

“A New Story of the People” examines the role that stories play in how we think about ourselves and each other and offers a glimpse at a new emerging story that can help bring about the world we envision.
Participate in helping humanity change the story of the world:

Charles Eisenstein Ted Talk:…
One People flash mob – Occupy:…

[Hat tip: PhoenixIsRisen – tx! and]

5 thoughts on “Creating A New Story…

  1. Futuret…I posted this video to give people something to think about, a new way of being, a new way to interact with the world, to give others hope. Please don’t get back into the habit of posting links all the time to dark subjects. I love to hear your words as well as others in the comments. Please stick to that format unless it is something relevant. This was not relevant. Hope you understand….VK 🙂

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