Plugged In To Distractions…Time to unplug!

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I have always been one to stiff arm technology. It took me forever to even get a computer, but finally I gave in and here I am. I have always refused to own a cell phone and thank God I did knowing the statistical facts now about cell phones and brain cancer. I dodged that bullet. All the grand conveniences that improve our lives and move us forward at warp speed. Really? Quite honestly I find it both disturbing and depressing to see 3/4 of society walking around with their heads down and their fingers clicking incessantly on tiny keyboards on their iphones. Nobody seems to be watching where they are going, nobody communicates with one another as they pass on the street, people spend big bucks eating at expensive restaurants and yet quite often you will see couples where one or both are sitting there texting and not sharing in the moment of dining out.

While I find this all very sad indeed, I must admit I find it quite distressing as well. All of these gadgets we have, all of this attention we place on them, it is all an agenda of distraction we have fallen into yet again. Hardly anybody at all is paying attention to life any longer. These so-called life improving gadgets are becoming our downfall. For many, they are no longer connected to nature and haven’t been for a very long time now. That was bad enough. Now they are no longer connected to life in general beyond the digital screens of their iphones and blackberries. How many people do you honestly think know what is going on around the world in foreign countries as well as here at home? We are no longer learning deeper material that expands our minds and moves us forward. We are too busy taking selfies and writing what we did today on Twitter.

I have nothing against social media or technology really,  if it is used wisely, but we do not use it wisely. In actuality we use very little wisely. We have fallen into the distraction trap once again. The dark are famous for creating fantastic ways of kidnapping the minds and attention spans  of the masses where they are entertained and preoccupied while all kinds of evil is unraveling around the world. Remember that old saying “what you don’t know can’t hurt you?” Well it most certainly can and is. I found it quite troubling to see the media hijack the airwaves and force feed the people ‘The Pope’ 24/7 for all seven days he was here. Maybe someone out here might have wanted to see what else was going on in the world. It was a grotesque manipulation and quite infuriating to others I have spoken with.

Once again we were no longer allowed to exercise choice! No, it was the Pope or nothing at all. I personally am sick and tired of living in this manufactured reality of anything but the truth! I am done being told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, what I can’t do. I don’t like being forced to watch the Pope if I don’t wish to. I know, so turn off the television. Well maybe I don’t want to do that either. I want the freedom and the choice to watch what I choose to watch when I want to watch it or not watch it as the case may be. It is just more distraction. Heaven knows what bills were being passed, what people were let out of prison, what laws were being created while the whole world was busy being force-fed the Pope from sun up to sun down.

It truly worries me to think so much of society is oblivious to what is ‘truly’ going on in the world because they are drowning in manufactured distractions! How in heaven’s name are we supposed to wake people up to the truth if they are plugged into technology and tuned out to reality. This battle was hard enough to fight before and now we have these major distractions to contend with. Very troubling indeed. If we are going to fight to save ourselves and the world, we have to be awake and ready to do battle. How can we go into battle with our heads down and our minds elsewhere, lost in the digital mind trap of technology? I don’t think the majority of people even realize they are being distracted and led astray. There needs to be a movement to unplug and reconnect with what matters if we are to take down our adversaries and move ourselves forward into freedom. It will not come without a fight and we can’t fight if we are plugged into oblivion. I know it will be hard, but we need to break this addiction and get back on the right path at long last.

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6 thoughts on “Plugged In To Distractions…Time to unplug!

  1. I feel so mixed about the internet and technology. On the one hand, the internet is amazing. Because we now have instant, easy access to an almost infinite amount of information on the web, more and more people are waking up to what is going on in the world. It can truly empower us if we use it to become better informed. But as we all have witnessed, many people are not using the internet to learn. It is another tool to feed their ego’s desires. Uploading selfies and sharing mundane status updates on social media websites every day increases narcissism and separation because people have become so focused on building their personal image. I hope people will eventually get bored with it. I guess we’ll see….


    • Sadly they will get tired of it all when the next distracting creation is offered to them to get lost in. These are the tools of the dark and quite clever they are. Nothing much will change until the people finally take a sincere interest in bettering themselves and the world around them and that won’t come until they feel concrete hope that the world can change. Right now so much seems hopeless to so many they just don’t care any more. Very sad. Time to drop kick this administration to the curb and start over! VK


  2. I agree, VK. I’ve seen the whole world change as a result of those smart-type phones… folk in groups but texting other people, truly oblivious to what and who is around them. I do use my mobile quite a bit however, but not to the extent I’ve seen others. Yes, they are a distraction.

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  3. I agree about people with heads in phones and gadgets VK.. they have disconnected and become hypnotised to Apps.. Loved the little cartoon 🙂 And the Pope has not been in evidence here in the UK, but not as much as States side by the sounds of it.. 😦


    • The non stop coverage was truly nauseating…So glad he went back home. Now to watch and see the damage that was done by his meetings…Hope all is well. Enjoy your autumn before the cold strikes…Hugs to you…VK ❤


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