Happy Equinox….

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Happy Autumnal Equinox to all! A blustery time of transition and change. As winter approaches we exert our energies preparing for winter ( or summer depending on where you live). We reluctantly release the freedom of the great outdoors as we begin to accept that soon our doors and windows will be closed to keep out the cold, the wildlife have begun their journey to warmer climates and the appearance of the seasons begins to change dramatically. Soon we must keep the home fires burning brightly.
As the days grow shorter and the light begins to wane earlier and earlier, now is the time we are meant to hunker down and go within and clean house in preparation for next spring when we once again spring forth in new ways. These times are very challenging and for many there is fear and confusion about what is going on around them right now and how they will deal with it all. It can be very overwhelming at times and often we feel alone with these intense emotions. Do not feel alone, we are all adjusting to the chaos in the world as well as in our own little worlds.
Now is the time we all need to find balance in our lives so we remain steady through the turmoil. I invite my readers to visit my website and take advantage of my offer for a free session to see if you would like to work with me to regain that balance in your life again. As the days slow down, now is a good time embrace your issues, not avoid them, and release them once and for all.
Take a moment to envision what it would be like  if you were able to release all the issues that rob you of a happy and successful life. Feel it with all of your senses. Who would you be? Where would you be? What would you be doing? It is not a dream. It can be yours if you are willing to work for it. I hope you will give me the opportunity to assist you in releasing that person you desire to be. Happy Autumn!

Blessings to all,


Getting Ready….

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If you spend time moving around to different alternative sites everyday, it becomes apparent that the majority of people are feeling the energies and awaiting something big to take place. Whether a bad or good big something, depends upon which websites you go to, but one thing is for sure, change is coming! I think by now we have learned that our thoughts matter and how important that is to our reality and our future. If what is coming is difficult, are we ready to endure and rise above the mass thinking of fear? It is what we have been training for all these years as we awakened and did our inner work to create the best person we can be. We have known the challenge will be mighty and we will be called upon to anchor the good energy to create balance. It is time to dust ourselves off and re-energize ourselves so we can step up and offer a positive spin on life while the old paradigm lashes out as it crumbles into the ashes of defeat.

A great deal of continual propaganda and lies have been pumped into the system recently in hopes of commandeering our thoughts and shaping our beliefs, and above all, distracting us away from the truth. Here we are well over a year away from the so called Presidential Election and yet all the television stations continue to bombard the airwaves with contrived issues in hopes of creating more division and sparking strong emotions fueling debates. The absurdity of it all. Think this way, believe this, reject that. It is never-ending and quite disturbing to see so many of the masses caught up in the drama and falling prey to it. We must work even harder now to bring the truth to light. I am sure whatever erupts over the coming weeks will startle people and cause panic, but there is nothing to fear. It is the truth getting out and the sleepers waking up and the dark ones in panic of being found out. They have already been found out, there is no hiding from the light.

I believe with all my heart that the message we must bring  forth at this time above all others, is the message of our thoughts, and how powerful they are in creating our reality. There is so much negative thinking in the world right now, it is imperative everyone know that positive thinking, changing our beliefs and seeing the good instead of just the bad, are crucial in creating our new reality. It is time to reawaken our desire to question the status quo of the world. It is time to ask ourselves if what we are being shown on TV or told by the media is really true! More often than not it is more disinformation designed to make us think and believe what they want us to believe. This must stop immediately! The creation of a new world cannot blossom as long as we continue to buy into the false scenarios being created. The new world must have a foundation of truth upon which to grow from and that truth will only come from people finding the courage to see the truth and embracing it.

These next few weeks are going to be life changing I believe. It is time to open our eyes and pay attention to everything taking place. Do not just sit in front of your televisions and watch obediently to the drama being paraded out before us. Watch if you must but keep an open mind, watch but question what you are seeing and hearing, watch but finally be willing to see things from a new perspective, try to figure out the truth of what you are seeing much like you would sit and try to figure out how a magician does his tricks, for that is what you will be seeing. Break free of your comas and prepare for whatever may come your way. Stop taking the so called reality for granted. Things are really NOT as they seem and you must prepare to accept that.

The battle of light versus dark is in full swing now. Grab your light sabers and shields and ready yourselves for defending truth and light. The time is upon us to take a stand for ourselves and our planet and say “No, we will not do it your way any longer”. Make each day a day of practicing. Practice how to love yourself and all others more, care about others more, be less judgmental, watch carefully the words you speak and choose ones that uplift and offer hope to the world. Making the world a better place is all about making ourselves better, that is our mission. It is time to walk our talk to freedom and happiness and a world centered around love and compassion. We can do this and we will do this. It is why we are here at this time. Stay strong!

Blessings to us all,


Creating A New Story…

“A New Story of the People” examines the role that stories play in how we think about ourselves and each other and offers a glimpse at a new emerging story that can help bring about the world we envision.
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One People flash mob – Occupy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXISGH…

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