Empower Yourself With Truth….



I often speak here about the evils of television. We are living in a time of prolific propaganda and if we don’t understand how our minds are being persuaded to think a certain way, then we remain in deep trouble. By constantly watching television we by pass thinking for ourselves and fall prey to thinking and feeling the way somebody else wants us to. It is critical that we make the time to learn and understand what is being done to us if we ever wish to free ourselves. Β Great Article by: Heather Callaghan

7 thoughts on “Empower Yourself With Truth….

  1. It wasn’t even a conscious decision on my part, but I mostly stopped watching television when I started living on my own. Back then I didn’t necessarily think of tv as brainwashing tool…I think I just got really bored with it. I’m at the point now where my tv is used only to watch movies I own. It’s strange being around people who are talking about the latest episode of a mindless show like it’s the most exciting, entertaining thing in the world. And then I’m the one who gets looked at like I’m weird when I say I don’t watch tv. One person even said, “Oh, so you’re one of those kind of people.” πŸ˜› Yes, I’m one of those kind of people who can find better things to do with my free time.
    And just one more thing to add, what is up with all the commercials for prescription drugs!? I noticed that one of the last times we were watching tv at my sister’s house. We turned it into a game where we’d see who could guess which medical condition would be mentioned next.


  2. Yes VK.. I have long noticed its affect and totally dislike the advertising.. It seems here in the UK every commercial has to have a animal at its core.. be it people with doggie tales for a Phone commercial or penguins in your bedroom for a heating company British Gas.. LOL.. its a Hoot!!! when you actually SEE How thick they think most of us are.. ( hummmm maybe they are onto to something LOL )
    Great link and watched the video πŸ™‚ thank you VK.
    Hope you have a great rest of the week my friend xxx
    Love DW xx


    • Hey DW ! Thanks…Yep we both share the same opinion about television. I always loved that take on the name someone created [Tell-Lie-Vision]…So true. The ads just infuriate me. They have become too childish and juvenile, you can see how they are dragging human intelligence down to a child’s standards. Every chance they get they are attempting to dumb down the masses. You have animals we have cartoons!!! Be well friend…Hugs…VK ❀

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