Been Questioning This For A While…

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I am not sure how to write this post without jerking someone’s chain out there in Blogland, but it needs to be said and there is no more time to sit back and think about things we wish we could say that we didn’t. The time is now to say them regardless. I started this blog a while ago and before this blog I had  ‘one world rising.’ I began writing it back in 2012 in the hopes of awakening people not only to truth but to the shifting scheduled to begin in 2012. I had a lot of readers back then scrambling to keep up with what was occurring. We had a wonderful family and shared lots of wonderful ideas. Since that time and since starting up this World Metamorphosis blog, I have had many interesting new perspectives on life enter my head. One of those thoughts was concerning the spiritual journey itself.

While I completely believe in Creator and higher consciousness and creating reality with our thoughts( there is a lot of proof out there), I am also very aware of the darker side to our Government, its control of the people and the media and the direction I am watching this country going in. I began to question strongly the origin of the mindset being capitalized on in regards to thinking only positive thoughts because to think about, question or talk about any negative thoughts would bring that reality to us. If I look at that mindset in today’s environment, I begin to wonder if this spiritual journey were not dreamed up by the dark ones. It seems a great way to keep all of us spiritual nuts from questioning anything going on or looking deeper into truth. Don’t think about what is going on, don’t talk about it, just keep meditating, staying in the now and thinking loving thoughts. Really?

If we can supposedly create our realities with our thoughts, can we not create winning this battle, overthrowing our Government and forcing truth into the light just as easily as creating bad realities with bad thoughts? I mean think about it. I am a multitasking Gemini and I can certainly think loving thoughts and research the truth at the same time. I think I am finally beginning to understand the foundation of the spiritual movement. With so many people waking up and hoping on board, think of all the people being taught not to think bad thoughts,not to question the truth and to stay in their hearts hiding from the real truth. The real truth is we can be BOTH! We can be spiritual and also question our reality in search of truth. We can be in our hearts and be loving at the same time be warriors in battle against the dark. We have multiple capabilities and yet we seemed to forget this fact in favor of just being peaceful.

I have always been a fighter, always battled for the underdog, always fought for justice and I have always been a very spiritual soul as well. Because I am an extremely big picture thinker I tend to get ahead of the reality which is frustrating at times, but I still am able to do everything at the same time thank goodness. The world needs soldiers out there fighting to bring in the light and help change the world and at the same time the world needs souls willing to hold the light in their hearts as well. We must not fall prey to being duped again into INACTION for the sake of being spiritual. It is why I write posts at times that speak heartfelt messages, but I can also post snippets of truth as upsetting as they can be to keep everyone aware and awake.

All I am saying here really is that to be spiritual does not mean we must turn ourselves away from the truth and not fight for what is right. Our FREEDOM! I love writing my posts, I love discussing them with my readers and above all I will always be honest with myself and with everybody else. I speak my mind which is obvious but I also speak my heart. We are magnificent beings who can multitask many things at one time probably in many different dimensions at the same time as well. We are powerful and we must not overlook this fact. We must BE ourselves. We are multitaskers not limited to only one way of being. That honestly is the truth of everything.

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Sorry…But I can’t listen anymore…

I am sure many of my readers will think I am crazy but I cannot let that stop me from speaking out and reaching out to help wake people up. I know far too many people watch TV and are taken in by the messages that are consistently put out to influence minds to believe what the Govt wants us to believe. Unless you are keeping up with what is going on in the world through alternative news, many will believe what the TV whores are telling them. Nothing I can do about that accept voice my words and hope at least one soul will wake up and in turn wake another up! Yes I am spiritual and yes I believe in thinking positive and holding those thoughts in my heart, but I am also awake and intend to stay that way by educating myself instead of just believing what I am being told to believe. So if I have offended any readers with this post I am sorry but it had to be said. One day  you will thank me. Stay alert and take time to KNOW THE TRUTH.