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Hey there everyone…I just wanted to give you guys a heads up on something I find very disturbing indeed. We all need to be aware of this and spread the word. It could obviously be over our own neighborhoods any day they choose to deliver it. For now it is on the West Coast but I am sure that is subject to change at any given moment. Stay safe and eyes to the skies folks. Their evil has now gotten totally out of control!


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  1. Read with interest the article on Jeans.. I am afraid I stopped following too much was distressing me..
    I can relate to this and over our heads daily almost are chemtrails.. What hubby and I have both experienced more muscle aches… Both of us describing the same symptons as some mentioned.. Hope not.. but, its horrendous..

    Humans were used before here in Britain after the war, in the 50’s When MOD I think sprayed substances down southern England and they sent vans with detectors to see how the wind and how far it had travelled..
    It was brought to the fore as in later years these same places had massive cancer clusters..


    • Sad state of affairs…BUT! That latest video documentary on electronic music I posted was so encouraging to see so many people waking up everywhere!!! We’re definitely not alone. Have heart. between us all we will throw these bums in prison where they can rot while we are busy building the new world. Much joy awaits! Watch that video…As someone who drums you will appreciate it. Blessings and hugs…Love VK ❤

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