The wait…

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A single feather floats about on an Autumn breeze and when the breeze gives out, the feather begins a slow glide downward to the ground below and settles upon the grass blades. It stays there overnight as dew settles upon it and the chill of night settles in.  As the morning sun pops up, gently the drops of moisture will begin to dry off and the feather will await another breeze to come and set it afloat again. Because it does not have a brain such as ours we assume this feather does not think or question its being, but how do we know it cannot sense its life and its surroundings? It is energy, it has a frequency as does everything else.We sense life.  We seem to accept the common assumption that without a brain something cannot bring itself into existence. This I question in some ways. I believe there is more to everything than we realize. And so the feather waits. Does it sense it needs another gust of wind to set it free again?  I have no idea. Thankfully for the feather it does not worry or wonder if it does, for it has no brain.

This feather makes me think of our spiritual journey. We float along on the swish of energy our mission to gain our freedom gives us. We ride the breeze as far as it will take us and then it sets us down to wait for yet another puff of wind to pick us back up and carry us off in another direction. I assume the feather does not wonder if that breeze will come back again, it has no brain, but does it sense it needs a breeze to begin its journey again? Why do we question if another jolt of energy will come along and lift us up again, carrying us off towards a new state of being we are longing for? Why do we worry if we will make it? It seems to emphasize the pitfalls of having a brain. Without one we would not question if we will be motivated again, if we will succeed at our challenges, where is all this taking us? The questions we continually dredge up seem to be our own worst enemy at times. Because we have a brain and intelligence we are able to worry and question and doubt.  By questioning, that very action gives way to further possibilities and possibilities often harbor doubt within as well as positive ideas. Is it possible to question without the hindrance of doubt?

Of course one can try to control his thoughts and refuse the thoughts of doubt to enter in, but we are human, we have our moments when our control is not always ours. We strive to improve our minds, we cram in more knowledge, we work to ” raise our consciousness”, but in doing all of this do we not also bring forth more possibilities and of course more questions and maybe even more doubt? Society has been made to quest for knowledge, we are told from an early age that we will not make it in the world if we don’t graduate and carry a whole host of degrees in our pocket. I can’t help but wonder if this “we must have more knowledge” is not just more of the same illusion we have been trapped within. Of course we need to learn to read and write and do math to communicate and get on in the world, but all of this push and shove to go to college and get all these degrees I am beginning to see as just part of the grandiose lie we have all bought into.

There are many people out there in the world who have not even gone to college and made a successful life for themselves. It doesn’t take degrees to accomplish this, it takes thinking outside the stagnant box humanity has resided in for so long now. If one is living outside of the BOX then one is able to tap into all kinds of resourceful ways to be successful in life. In fact it seems the smarter we all become the more difficult life becomes in so many ways. We have abandoned a simple life for a fast-moving, technology filled, degree oriented life that is not only exhausting, but it leaves us feeling somehow empty because purpose and passion get lost in the frantic rush to become more. The scary part of all of this is not our push to be more or have more, but it is the fact we have allowed that mindset of not being happy with the way things are to take control of our lives. We are now chained to the illusion and we are slowly starving to death.

While it is tempting to be a feather and not have to contend with a brain and all the complications it brings, I know we can’t be the feather. But we can be ourselves and more importantly we can think for ourselves and get out of the BOX before we starve to death. We can opt to live more simply, to reconnect with who we REALLY are, to reconnect with nature which in essence is our free pharmacy for fixing what is broken within us by bringing us calm and understanding and meaning back to our lives. If we free our minds from the cloud inside the box we begin to interact with life in more meaningful ways.

If we step out of the box we can then see the lies we have all been living, you can watch them play out on television and wonder why you never realized these lies before. You begin to know yourself again, what really matters to you, what gives your life purpose and you suddenly see that so many of the ‘things’ that made your life what it is, no longer have the power to define you. So who is that ‘you’ waiting to be lifted up on that breeze and carried off to a new life? You will never know if you don’t get out of the box and stop thinking they way they want you to think and start thinking for yourself. We do not need degrees to be someone great, we are already great.

Blessings to all,