Light The Way….

I really get angry at times by the all out war being waged in the media right now. They certainly are not hiding their agendas any longer, but rather they are shoving them out front and center for everyone to see. What truly baffles me is why they themselves cannot see the harm they are doing to themselves, exposing themselves for the imposter’s that they are. Way back when I was growing up you had newscasters who supposedly reported the news. Whether it was all truth I don’t know, but they had morals back then that leads me to believe it was the truth, certainly they cared about this country and its people. Today not only are lies being touted as truths, but now we have hostile bias being tossed out there between Republican and Democratic parties, blatant reporting on only those they wish to cover, the party they believe in and for everyone else, look out! The trash mouth, belittling of people’s character they are against is out there for all to see. It is out of control and above all an utter disgrace! I find it embarrassing on so many levels.

The media have become a hot bed of lies and propaganda and to a great extent mind control. What are these  reporters and newscasters being paid to deceive the American people? Just who is paying them? Start writing down the names of those deceivers for one day soon when the truth finally spills out, those very traitors must be held accountable for their reprehensible actions. The media has become a disgrace, but what lifts my spirits through all of this, is the very fact that the people are awake and watching all of this dog and pony show. The ratings of the media have plummeted and for very good reason. The distrust of the Government and media by the American people has skyrocketed and yet they seem to be too blind to see what they are doing is shooting themselves in the foot. Well go right ahead guys, keep on shooting your feet and soon you won’t be able to walk.

What I find most frustrating at this time is the fact the people are awake and know full well what is going on and yet there is a very loud screaming silence against what is taking place. And yes I meant to write loud and screaming in the same sentence as silence to highlight the dire situation we are in. The Chemtrails continue to rain down drugs and poison on all of us creating mass lethargy, three-quarters of the population is zoned out on both illegal drugs and legal prescription drugs, schools as well as advertising continue to dumb down the population and treat the people like ignorant children and the list goes on. It’s no wonder the silence grows.

The silence is deafening, but it must not continue.  Then again maybe it should. It appears the perpetrators of these crimes continue to inflict fear and pain unabated on the people, but in doing so, more continue to become awake and aware of what is taking place. By remaining quiet they get to witness the unfolding of the darks demise. The curtain has been yanked back exposing the blind folded fools dancing wildly upon the stage. Certainly the election polls are telling a very clear story about how the people are feeling. Because of these polls, and the direction they are leading in, those on the side of keeping America oppressed and controlled are freaking out. Their control is slipping between their gnarled fingers and there is little they can do. False flags are not working in  their push to remove the guns we need to protect ourselves from this tyranny, non-stop lying on television is not bringing them the results they were hoping for, instead it is causing people to notice even more how corrupt this whole agenda really is. They are shining a spotlight on themselves but not in a good way for them. It is shining the spotlight on the corruption for more and more to see. Have they lost their minds? For sure we know they have lost their way, fallen off the path towards a better world.

I guess I will leave the fighting back to those whose job that seems to be( we all play our own parts) and I will take my place in the crowd watching them destroy themselves day by day and I will be here in the end to help pick up the pieces and help begin the construction of our new world. Until that time I will continue to write and point out and bring attention to these desperate acts being displayed in a feeble attempt to stop the powerful surge of the people towards freedom and honesty and love.  We are the snowball rolling down the hill and we have gotten so big our journey down the hill has gained huge momentum and there is no way to stop this snowball any longer. Evolution is occurring and humanity has shifted, only the politicians haven’t figured this out just yet. Will they ever? All I ask is for people to stay awake or wake up and please get off the fence and stand up for what you believe in. Awaken all those around you, write about it, talk about it, yell about it, however you can get the story out, just tell it! Ignore the propaganda being broadcast and instead look at it with eyes wide open. Once you know the truth there is no going back, so instead find the humor in what is taking place and dump the fear. It is time to light the way!

Blessings to us all,


7 thoughts on “Light The Way….

  1. I think I have now come to the realisation VK that if we shout, scream, and protest, all we who are awake do is then add more negative energies into the dark mix.. So while we KNOW what is going on on a deeper lever, or maybe I should say a ;Higher Level’ we see beyond all of this chaos and confusion and we KNOW that the Light has already won this battle.. so what we are seeing played out is the thrashing and gnashing of teeth in their last throws of clinging onto power and all of that corruption that goes with it..
    While I am not burying my head in the sand.. It no longer irritates my eyes and ears.. For I know we are on course and all is meant to be as it should be..
    So I silently send out just my vibes of Love , compassion and hold in my heart PEACE..
    Love and Light xxx
    Sue xx


    • Ah yes, I remember that song 🙂 Been a while. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. It’s time for sure, but if they keep up doing what they are doing there won’t be much left for us to do. They are doing it all themselves. Amazing to watch. Keep the light burning my friend ❤ VK


  2. Breathe, VK…just breeeeathe. We’re with you and everything is working itself out. The Truth is, they’re imploding! They don’t know how to function in this new energy…and the fact is, they CAN’T. So they’re actually bringing themselves down! It’s their own karma working against them…and we don’t need to do a thing except continue to speak our Truth, observe, and react with wise compassion.

    Things are unfolding according to The Plan and it’s all good!

    With Love,


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    • Yes SG…As I said, they are shooting themselves in the foot and soon they won’t be able to walk, after that crawl and after that even breathe…They are obviously not thinking clearly if at all. Light the way we must and all will be well…Thanks for commenting! Blessings…VK 🙂

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