Going Out On A Limb…


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I am not sure if the energies of late are due to the CME activity or not, but the energies have been very intense indeed. To me is feels like we are nearing the end of this long ride we’ve been on, only instead of slowing down like a roller coaster or merry-go-round does as it nears the end of the ride, ours is speeding up to warp 8 or 9! It is like being in a well shaken snow globe, flying wildly about  in circles, then slowly floating down towards the bottom, only to be flown about again. Things are definitely in the midst of change, no question about it. People seem to be flipping out all over the place, which was often spoken about in regards to the end times. People unable to handle the energies raising up and dismantling our inner security.  Absolutely nothing is making sense, life seems like a foreign language. We, being the faithful humans that we are, we like things to make sense and line up correctly, but we are not getting that reassurance in this present reality.

Living each day has become somewhat of a grab bag game. One can never be sure what each day will bring when they wake up. Mass murders, plane crashes, political correctness, horribly propagandized media coverage, which by the way is out of control. It seems a bit overwhelming, but deal with it all we must. It is all part of this ride we are on. This is why we were chosen to be here at this time, to find the safe route out of the chaos, to usher in this shift in human consciousness, by lighting the way so others can follow as well. I think we are being tested mightily right now, the fortitude of our endurance is being challenged. I think the pace at which the people are waking up now is picking up speed and as more wake up, it seems there is a need for the universe to keep the balance by helping  something on the dark side fall apart. I watch this all taking place and still I am amazed by it all.

In my humble opinion, everything will continue going faster until it all collides and comes undone, which will be a good thing, it’s needed. We cannot build our new world amidst the carcass of the old. Let us sweep things clean to make room for regrowth to unfold. Seems like a good time for us all to practice our part of holding things together when that time comes. All the work we have done clearing out has readied us for this endeavor, we are prepared and it is time to dust ourselves off and step forward. I still cannot silence that side of me that wants desperately to take action. I cannot see where the people’s silence is moving us forward towards anything positive at all. So much is being deliberately done to the world right now for hidden agendas and many, many people know this truth and yet we still do nothing. For months now I have been appalled by countries opening up their borders to the refugees. It was obvious from the beginning that ISIS would take full advantage of getting into countries through this revolving door. Are we all going to let complete destruction take place where we live or worse, loose our country to this lack of thinking things through?

Take all of that money being spent on caring for refugees and build a space in their own country that can be carefully guarded for their protection, until the worst of this is over. Oh my Goodness, I am not being politically correct.  NO I am not! Political correctness was created to silence the people so the ugly agendas could keep going on! I live in America, I wish to be safe in my country and I will not ever agree with bringing in refugees to this country if we have no way of checking backgrounds or even knowing for certainty who each person is, especially with so many people wishing harm to us. Heck, It is wrong, it is unsafe and there are other ways to tend to their needs in their own country and not put this country or any other country in harm’s way. I for one am tired of living in this insanity our Government has created. It is time to push back in defiance, take back our own control and bring back sanity to an out of control world. For anyone sitting on the fence still, either jump down and be a part of taking your country back or just keep believing in what your television tells you. Let us all join together now to find ways to make a positive difference in the world and get to it!.

Blessings to all,