How Do We Express our message ?

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I was sitting by candlelight the other evening just contemplating everything going on in the world right now. The phrase ‘The world has gone crazy’ would sum things up pretty well. I have written before about the importance of what we say and think, but as I sat there watching the candle flame dance and flicker about, I suddenly saw a bigger picture. As children first begin to learn, they learn from our actions not our words. What are our bodies saying? What physical actions are we taking to create change that those around us can watch what we do and hopefully do the same as well? Right now it seems the collective body language is the language of fear. We must not allow fear to get the better of us and above all we must not project fear into the space around us. We really need to help others see the importance of this .

I believe so many are wooed into trance state by their televisions, their thoughts now captured and twisted to see life as we are supposed to see it, and they are unable to find the strength to break free, let alone find the creativity to put themselves into meaningful action. It seems to me our brains are slowly wasting away from inactivity. Many do not think their way through daily life any longer. It is all automatic requiring limited or even zero thinking. Our brain is like the major muscles in our bodies, it needs exercise, a good work out, to stay healthy and up to speed. If we don’t think our way through daily life then we are starving our brains the same way we starve our spirit by not feeding it daily creativity and inspiration and beauty. We think about feeding our bodies, but not our spirits. When was the last time you bought flowers to put in your home? Put your spirit on that shopping list as well. It is important we feel our best.

What is inspiring about what is going on in the world you ask? A lot! Main Stream Media on television will not show it to you, they show you only what is wrong in the world to jack up your fear levels. Fearful people are easily manipulated and this is why we are kept in perpetual fear. So shut off the tv and go research on the Internet for what is going right in the world. Discovering what else is going on in the world activates our hope and hope activates courage and courage activates action. Lets be mindful of our body language and what messages we are putting out into the world. Are your shoulders thrown back and your head held high? Is your back straight and do you walk with purpose and a final destination in mind? Does your body language say you believe in yourself and you know where you are going and what you must do? Or are your shoulders drooping, your head bent down, your eyes cast down instead of out front guiding you along because deep within you are afraid?

Let us try to make a difference in an otherwise out of control world by presenting ourselves to the world with confidence and grace. Let us walk about with open hearts and minds to all those we encounter. We must toss our fear aside and let our faith shine forth. Fear is the unknown, but we know who is creating the chaos in the world (outside evil doers aka our Government) and we know why they are doing it and what they wish to get out of it. Yes to most it appears evil and uncivilized and in many ways it is, but in essence what we see are minds that refuse to advance therefore the actions of those minds are not civilized either. They have yet to raise their consciousness. But we have, so we must use that to our advantage and make a point of living our lives through good actions and deep consideration. Let us think deeply, act with compassion, project our best body image and do everything we do from our hearts not our heads. Others will follow if we inspire them to do so and we can only inspire others if we are acting and thinking from our hearts and with sincere honesty!

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