Full Moon Ahead and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

magic night: moon stars water (art - illustration)

magic night: moon stars water (art – illustration)


Yes, it is that time again…Full moon energies abound and just before Thanksgiving no less. Despite all of the chaos and volatility in the world, please make sure to remember things you can be grateful for. Just being here on earth at this time is truly amazing to witness all that is going on and the changes taking place. Watching one paradigm slowly die out while watching the new one rising up from the ashes. We are all blessed to have been chosen to be here at this time. Here is the article on the full moon. enjoy!

And To My Readers Out There…..

May your holiday table be filled with delicious food, ¬†laughter and love . Stay peaceful within and focus on what is right in your world, not what is lacking. Reach out to those less fortunate and offer your compassion. This is what every day should be about, not just occasionally. Enjoy….Blessings to all…VK