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It is definitely time to get rid of Congress and start all over again. Washington is so broken there is not enough glue or tape to fix it, nor’ do we want to! Let’s start fresh and with deep faith in our hearts.    Source:


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I most likely ruffled a few feathers here on the Blog with my post on Christmas. I probably sounded like Scrooge to some of you, others understood my message. Well I guess I am going to do the same thing with New Years Eve…I really am not down on either one of these occasions, I just choose to try to see things from as many perspectives that I can. Here is my observance of New Years Eve. Are we really so disconnected that we blindly go into this holiday with our bubbly and midnight kiss to celebrate? What are we celebrating? The new year ahead you say. Okay, but why would you want to celebrate another year of oppression, cheating, stealing, propaganda and lies? That is like celebrating another year in prison. Perhaps it is time to change our approach to this day of the new year. If we are honestly awake, then why would we desire to celebrate our slavery? But in all honesty,  many do, don’t they? All those parties and Bling!

These are actually good times for us to be recreating these moments in time. Take Christmas and New Years, how can we change what we are celebrating and change how we celebrate this time as well? Give it a more profound and honest meaning. Just as we have begun to lessen our mad frenzy shopping for mindless things to give people on Christmas and have become more simple and meaningful, New Years could be looked upon and observed differently as well. Instead of the old way, we could honor a new world new years, a new way of being with the world. Quiet and respectful celebrations for the wonder of life, all we have to be grateful for and a universal prayer for peace and love in the year ahead at midnight. We could spend moments observing how we wish to live, who we wish to be and how we can make ourselves more pure and worthy, instead of yelling along with blaring horns and mayhem and blindness.

Just because we fell into the trap set out to capture us doesn’t mean we can’t reinvent ourselves and set ourselves free! It just takes breaking the spell the old ways have over us and taking the giant leap into being a new way in a new world. Courage is what we could all use. These leaps are not always easy to make by any means, but leap we must. Do you honestly want to go through another year more of what we have all been put through? It is time to free ourselves and be willing to embrace new ways of seeing things and new ways of doing things and new ways of being. Trial and error. Hopefully we are all staying busy creating the new world, and soon we will begin to reap our rewards. Until then, hang on even as the waters of life begin to rage and toil because at the end of this white water ride are quiet pools of water to float quietly along  on and take a rest.. Have faith! Not hope, but FAITH. A big difference. How will you honor the New Year to come? Just a thought to ponder.

Blessings to us all, now and always,


Sharing My Thoughts As We Go Forward…


What a very odd Christmas indeed. It started out weird because it was so warm and balmy outside! Instead of temperatures in the 20’s with snow and ice, we were hustling about in shirt sleeves in the 60’s! I kept hearing people say it just didn’t feel Christmasy at all. I thought about that for a while, but slowly a new perspective began to form in my mind. What if it wasn’t the weather at all throwing us off? What if in fact we are perhaps done with Christmas as it has been, as we enter into this new world? We all know or feel, ourselves and life in general, changing each and every day. It is almost to the point of Chaos. So why do we try to hold on to whatever is no longer needed, whatever is now outdated, it no longer holds the feeling it once did? Seems to me it’s okay, as it states we have moved just that much further along down the road en route to freedom. It would be wise to be aware of our shifts and hopefully allow them to take place without a massive struggle to not let go.

We know when it is time to change. We may repaint rooms in our homes, rearrange furniture, change our hairstyle, buy new clothes. Whatever it is, it is our way of honoring ourselves and saying yes to wherever space we are headed next. So why must we hold on to traditions like Christmas? It’s almost as if people feel fear of losing their control in their lives. If we can keep most things the same year after year it gives us security that life goes on, we are secure in who we are, false though it may be. Ask yourself who you would be without the usual Christmas in your life. You would still be the same person inside. We allow all of these external situations define who we are. If we strip it all away then who are we? Perhaps it is time we found out.

We are creating the new world brick by brick as we go along and suddenly we find what felt right in the old world no longer fits in with the new. So don’t fight it, don’t succumb to the pressure to keep up with the Jones’s. I suddenly realized this year Christmas no longer meant to me what it used to. There was no sadness over this, just an understanding that what was, no longer fit into my new world. This experience is asking us to be strong in ourselves, be courageous to leap outside the box and create new traditions, hopefully ones that hold more sincere meaning because they come from the heart not the purse or wallet.

Life is beginning to have more meaning for all of us, the triviality of our past no longer fits who we are now, like out grown shoes. I truly believe this new world in front of us is demanding we go within, find our priorities and begin to fashion our lives around those priorities and leave behind the distractions that have torn us away from truly living an authentic life. Living life with no meaning is over for a great many of us now. No need to feel fear, but rather excitement about what we fill these new empty spaces with. It is time to tip our world upside down and begin doing things the way we truly wish to do them and stop guilt tripping ourselves into repeating the same old life over and over again because it is all we’ve ever known. So what?  Be brave!

Blessings to all…