Tis’ The Season….


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Tis’ the season of illusions. I just wanted to remind everyone to shop in your local mom and pop stores and let the big box stores go under. As we well know, the problems we face will not go away any time soon unless we starve the beast. Corporations need our money to survive, so do not feed the beast and soon it loses its power. Let us fight back against their control over us by cutting the purse strings! I am sure many have already done their Christmas shopping, but if not, please help us win this battle to get our country and our freedom back by spending your money in small, local stores and helping them thrive and giving them the support they deserve, at the same time helping to starve the beast to death. They will happily take care of your needs if you give them the chance.

We are headed backwards on our way forwards. I know, it sounds crazy, but we are discovering all that ” stuff” we have just isn’t doing it for us anymore, we feel empty, we want to go simple again. It’s because we are slowly starving for food, soul food to fill us up and that kind of food to feed our souls is only found by living a life that is ¬†simple, honest, kind, peaceful,caring, giving, meaningful, loving and compassionate. It’s interesting how we humans were created. If we don’t live by these virtuous standards,then our soul begins to starve and we are no longer balanced. It is kind of Creators way of keeping us on the straight and narrow; live a good, clean, loving life and your soul/spirit will be well nourished and taken care of and it will be happy to guide you through life and be there for you. I think it is time we begin to pay closer attention to what our souls/spirits need to thrive and feel complete so we can re-connect with ourselves.

Now is a good time to take a long, hard look at our life and how it is going. Are we connecting with our soul/spirit, is it thriving and guiding us or are we stuck, not moving forward, feeling an emptiness within? Our stomachs growl when we are hungry, the Soul/spirit growls when hungry as well, we know because we stop functioning smoothly and we keep running in circles and not moving forward in our growth. Our spirit/soul ¬†is no longer inspired and doesn’t have the energy to be there for us 100% without food. So feed it! Live a good life; be kind, be loving, be truthful, be simple and stay awake! Oh and yeah, shop local…

Happy Holidays!