Just A Reminder….Stay Balanced!


I just wanted to take a moment to remind people to stay above the downdraft of despair over what is going on in the world. It is being created by design to bring us to our knees and deaden our ability to think for ourselves, beneath all of the immense pressure building up. As with everything, the old must die off to make room for the new! So it is a good thing to see the old paradigm continue to cave in on itself. It is corrupt and self-centered and thinks very little if at all, about we the people. It would take pages and pages for me to write down all the ways in which we have been lied to, scammed and taken to the bank. The process of using the people for profit has gone on forever and only now are most of the people beginning to finally understand the depth of this illusion. So as everything seems to be falling apart around us, it is so important to remember that it ‘has to be’. Don’t see it as bad and frightening, see it as good and enlightening. Hopefully soon we will all be able to take a deep breath of freedom when this evil empire finally has no breath left to take. Stay strong, turn off the news and get out in nature where creator’s beauty will soothe your soul.

Blessings to all…


Wow! The Paradigm Is Coming Undone…

I am sure most of my readers are already aware of the ongoing push about bogus climate change that is going on. One more way to dismantle our country and apply new laws to further suppress us all. Well, the Godfather of climate change propaganda is now dead. One less voice telling lies to the world….