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I seem to speak a great deal about simplicity these days. I was thinking about it tonight and wondering why I do this. It just keeps asking me to  write about it, tell it’s story so to speak. I believe sincerely it is like a cheerful lantern glowing in the darkness beckoning us down the path to make our discoveries. Humanity was simple once upon a time, I trust if we try hard enough we can get back there again. We need to, it is where peacefulness resides for there is no complexity to stir things up and create confusion. I believe our souls are crying out for it, they have become overwhelmed by the explosion of chaos in our constantly changing world. We are discovering that all the gizmo’s that made life easier and quicker have also tampered with our way of living, distracting us off the path and into very dangerous territory.

First we allowed ourselves to become swallowed up in the mind altering energy of televisions, then we got lost in computers, then smart phones, drones and now robots. We are inventing ourselves out of existence. For some reason we don’t seem to understand what we are doing to ourselves. For every neat little gadget we invent we seem to further lessen the necessity for human activity. By simplifying our life we can get back to ourselves, we can reconnect with our souls, we are no longer distracted, and we begin to truly live life again. The meaning of everything returns and the magic reappears. The more high-tech we go, the less our lives have deeper meaning. It is our choice which way we choose to live.

We can begin to simplify life by unplugging our televisions and using that free time to read or write, play with the kids, walk in nature, be to ourselves and return to thinking for ourselves! We cannot be calm and peaceful if our world is drowning in chaos. The outside world is chaotic and so we should consider making our own personal worlds more simple, gentle and loving. You know how you hear stories about hero’s doing something wonderful and you tear up and choke a bit. It’s because those stories give life meaning and we crave it so deeply we  are moved within. We are dying without meaning to our lives. Our souls require that we be able to manage our inner worlds so that we can remain at peace despite what is going on around us. We either hang on tight or go down with the ship. This holiday season is a good time to practice creating a more simplistic life for ourselves, one with more meaning. Find new ways to create new memories and meaningful rituals and make an effort to see life through a whole new perspective. Our belief for the new year ahead needs to be one of ” All life matters”.

Blessings to us all,