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Just in case you may be one of those people still sitting on the fence in regards to Chemtrails and if they are real or not, I just wanted to share some remarkable footage of what we are dealing with on a daily basis. If you look closely it is hard to deny what you see. Clouds are clouds and lines are lines and the sooner we all get on the same page on this and do something, the better off we will be. I have studied them since 1995 and have watched their progression through the years. Our bodies and the environment can only take just so much toxicity before they begin to slowly break down.  I just wanted to share this with you as a learning tool for truth. Blessings… Thanks to

4 thoughts on “Just In Case…

  1. Thank you for that VK.. yes the spraying here got so bad here last week too… I even began to wonder what they were expecting…
    I took this problem to Mother Gaia.. in a mediation.. and hope to alter my thought patterns upon them in future.. For I was getting so cross every time I looked up to see the sky criss-crossed this way knowing they were not commercial flights… Their contrails are so different,… Hope I can voice it all to make sense in a post soon..
    Love Sue ❤

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    • Oh I can so feel your emotions on this. I began studying them in 1996 I believe it was..I wrote the letters to all the news papers, wrote to Washington(joke) and had my own spiritual section on a chemtrail blog way back when. Thankfully the awareness has grown greatly but it still will require US doing something more daring about it, to not only grab attention but force the issue to its demise. We have sat on the sidelines long enough. If we wish to save our planet and ourselves and preserve fresh air, the time is NOW to make our stand. Regard it as our last stand, give it the fury of a last stand and finally make a dramatic difference. Our presidential race is unlike any ever before. The people are speaking loudly and the establishment candidates are all falling to the wayside in favor of the non Washington politician candidates. This is unheard of and we are witnessing this change all around us if we just open our eyes and observe. There is great hope, but how long this all takes I can’t imagine. This matrix web is massive and strong but so are we and we continue to make ourselves heard and to break free. You will voice your feelings beautifully DW and they will come forth when they desire to with grace, truth and love…Hugs…VK ❤

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      • Yes once more grasp hold of their senses the awakening process will escalate rapidly… It takes but a few of constant thought in attitudes of creative possibilities of Change for the higher good of All and not the few.. The old paradigm is crumbling, here too as those in power break ranks against the EU membership here.. Even old Prime-ministers are feeling the need to step in and warm MP’s that it will cause unrest in the party… But this is what is needed.. The old ways of Governing are now being challenged and Reforms and New Blood and thinking is what is needed.. People Power hold the cards if they play their ‘Cards’ right Lol.. and not get drawn into the Fear-Factors of conflict.. But voice their concerns over REAL issues… and use their vote wisely.. Times are changing rapidly 🙂


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