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I was writing a comment on a friends blog today and it got me thinking. As I was writing and thinking, I realized a new perspective had slipped into my awareness and so I decided to further explore the new ideas. Of course for a long time now, many of us have been aware of the need to let go of the old so we can move forward. As I was writing the comment on my friends Blog I had sort of an ah ha moment. It was not new information I was taking in, but rather a new way of looking at old information to where the message came through more clearly. I am sensing these days a more urgent need for humanity to open up and become more accepting of new ideas, new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking. We definitely have shifted to a new level within the universe and I think it’s time we realized this fully and adjusted our way of being accordingly.

In my friends blog post he had written about not feeling Christmasy this year and as I was reading what he was saying, my perception of what he was saying shifted suddenly and I was shown another level of meaning in regards to what he was talking about. I think Christmas is a classic example to look at when talking about letting go of the old. My friend was looking for ways to possibly rekindle his Christmas spirit as it didn’t feel right not to feel it this year and I thought about that, but with new understanding. We have shifted greatly from what we were into what we are now. There is no going back for humanity, we have embraced a new consciousness and the old no longer feeds our soul’s desires. It does not mean Christmas can no longer be important, it might just be important in a whole new way. There is no reason, except fear of letting go, to hold onto the tinsel and eggnog. We should maybe concentrate less on what was and how things were and what we think they should be, and be more eager to create new ways of celebrating that are more in keeping with our new perceptions of reality.

It is important we accept life differently now, allow ourselves to enjoy what IS, rather than trying to make what is fit into the old mold of what was. It is an active choice we must make everyday to see things differently, every minute of every day because we are constantly changing every minute of every day. Why do we hold our perceptions hostage and insist that we see things and do things the same way year after year, when people change year after year?  I’m beginning to think rituals, as wonderful as they are, may very well be one of the culprits holding us back from moving on. We think moments like Christmas must always be done the same way every year because that is what Christmas is, but doesn’t that stifle creativity, change and new ways of seeing the world? I believe there are hundreds of ways in which we hold ourselves back without even realizing it. What would we all be like if every year we did things differently and let our creativity and imagination run wild? We would still have our wings to fly free instead of being shackled in a repetitive mindset.

Please don’t look upon what I have written as putting down Christmas, because I am not saying that at all. I am just suggesting we remain open and willing to interact with Christmas( or life in general) in whatever way we choose at any given moment. Holding onto the past, the rituals, the what was, is just something we do I think out of fear of letting go of the familiar which we feel gives us roots, but do we truly need that kind of roots? Can we not free ourselves to be able to pick up or lay down roots at will to allow us the ability to flow in and out through life? Security is really not found  in physical rituals etc. but in the ‘knowing and understanding’ that we are free to embrace life in whatever form it takes and still feel secure, without the need to repeat it again and again in order to hold on to it. It is believing and trusting we have the ability to create whatever we desire in our life and not have to hold onto it, because we know we can always create it again whenever we choose, however we choose. Just my thoughts.

Blessings to all,