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I was writing a comment on a friends blog today and it got me thinking. As I was writing and thinking, I realized a new perspective had slipped into my awareness and so I decided to further explore the new ideas. Of course for a long time now, many of us have been aware of the need to let go of the old so we can move forward. As I was writing the comment on my friends Blog I had sort of an ah ha moment. It was not new information I was taking in, but rather a new way of looking at old information to where the message came through more clearly. I am sensing these days a more urgent need for humanity to open up and become more accepting of new ideas, new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking. We definitely have shifted to a new level within the universe and I think it’s time we realized this fully and adjusted our way of being accordingly.

In my friends blog post he had written about not feeling Christmasy this year and as I was reading what he was saying, my perception of what he was saying shifted suddenly and I was shown another level of meaning in regards to what he was talking about. I think Christmas is a classic example to look at when talking about letting go of the old. My friend was looking for ways to possibly rekindle his Christmas spirit as it didn’t feel right not to feel it this year and I thought about that, but with new understanding. We have shifted greatly from what we were into what we are now. There is no going back for humanity, we have embraced a new consciousness and the old no longer feeds our soul’s desires. It does not mean Christmas can no longer be important, it might just be important in a whole new way. There is no reason, except fear of letting go, to hold onto the tinsel and eggnog. We should maybe concentrate less on what was and how things were and what we think they should be, and be more eager to create new ways of celebrating that are more in keeping with our new perceptions of reality.

It is important we accept life differently now, allow ourselves to enjoy what IS, rather than trying to make what is fit into the old mold of what was. It is an active choice we must make everyday to see things differently, every minute of every day because we are constantly changing every minute of every day. Why do we hold our perceptions hostage and insist that we see things and do things the same way year after year, when people change year after year? Β I’m beginning to think rituals, as wonderful as they are, may very well be one of the culprits holding us back from moving on. We think moments like Christmas must always be done the same way every year because that is what Christmas is, but doesn’t that stifle creativity, change and new ways of seeing the world? I believe there are hundreds of ways in which we hold ourselves back without even realizing it. What would we all be like if every year we did things differently and let our creativity and imagination run wild? We would still have our wings to fly free instead of being shackled in a repetitive mindset.

Please don’t look upon what I have written as putting down Christmas, because I am not saying that at all. I am just suggesting we remain open and willing to interact with Christmas( or life in general) in whatever way we choose at any given moment. Holding onto the past, the rituals, the what was, is just something we do I think out of fear of letting go of the familiar which we feel gives us roots, but do we truly need that kind of roots? Can we not free ourselves to be able to pick up or lay down roots at will to allow us the ability to flow in and out through life? Security is really not found Β in physical rituals etc. but in the ‘knowing and understanding’ that we are free to embrace life in whatever form it takes and still feel secure, without the need to repeat it again and again in order to hold on to it. It is believing and trusting we have the ability to create whatever we desire in our life and not have to hold onto it, because we know we can always create it again whenever we choose, however we choose. Just my thoughts.

Blessings to all,


11 thoughts on “Shifting Perspectives……

  1. I haven’t been around the blogosphere as much lately, but I just wanted to thank you for writing this because I think it helps validate what so many of us have begun to feel regarding holidays, especially Christmas. It was harder than ever for me to muster any enthusiasm this past Christmas, and a few people around me said they felt the same way. When I first started doing my holiday shopping, I honestly felt like a moron wandering around the store. I kept questioning why we all feel obligated to keep doing this year after year, without feeling any real joy about what we’re doing. I looked around at everyone shopping and had the thought that we were merely robots, repeating the same routine yet another year without truly evaluating whether this old tradition of consuming stuff and placing so much emphasis on material goods is benefiting us or making us happy. I tried to get into the holiday spirit for my nieces, since they’re still young, but there was something about this past Christmas that was way off. Like you suggested, I think it’s time that we stop clinging to old traditions. In the past couple years, my boyfriend and I have been stepping outside the box a little when it comes to celebrating holidays, which I’ve found helpful and more enjoyable. I think many of us are feeling in our hearts that it’s time to embrace a shift into new ways of celebrating and enjoying life.

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    • I heard a great many people saying exactly the same thing as you over the holidays, but I had to ask each person “why are you struggling to keep the lie going for your family?” It ends up just dragging them in deeper to the trap and makes it harder for them to get back out. The answer it seems lies in how well we are able to create new forms of celebration that please the kids. A good dose of reality is a huge favor for them in the end….It is not easy whatever road you take. We have been brainwashed….Good seeing you…Blessings to you…VK πŸ™‚


  2. I think your advice is spot on VK.. Yes our perspective needs to change.. and once more realise this the quicker still will we see change take place to those old ideologies and ingrained thought patterns we have long held onto..
    I told our mutual friend too, that I had not been very Festive feeling either… Despite having a young granddaughter who is going to be thrilled Christmas is drawing ever closer..

    Change is in the air… and we are Changing, those of us who are meant to..
    Sending you my thoughts for a peaceful Sunday VK.. Love to you.. Sue xx

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    • Why is humanity so reluctant to consider the possibility we have grown beyond it and are no longer needing that energy in our present way of being? There has been great guilt tripping pushed into this whole Christmas fandango as i mentioned on T’s blog. It is challenging us to stand strong and believe in ourselves even when we buck the system. That is all it is. It’s all a system and we either stay within the flow of its energy or we fight our way out and finally become who we truly are! Are we sincerely Christmas aficionados? No I don’t think so. We have been taught to be, so strip that all away and what do you have? Authenticity…. That’s when living becomes real and everything else drops away. We outgrow it. Lets embrace that rather than worry about why we can’t fire up our Christmas spirit πŸ™‚ ….Hugs to you….VK ❀

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      • We are so entrapped and I mean ‘Entrapped’ within this bottleneck of our Earth Journey as we recycle ourselves here weighed down with our karmic debt of trying to unravel the previous messes, we then with our thinking create yet more mess VK.. I can not tell you the thoughts which have been given to me recently, Like I was in overdrive down-load of some hypo space memory bank.. I heard but can not formulate the words,, Yet understand so clearly and yet can not describe the process because Words of my vocabulary just will not engage to put all that I have been shown in Meditation… I have felt like I am on a merry-go-round spinning faster and faster.. I want to get off, but know the ride must come to its own halt and slow down accordingly.. I am trying to unravel bits at a time and make sense of things… And feel without seeming to be going Mad, that those invisible beings are prompting my visions of late.. Christmas as we know has grown beyond proportion to what the message was initially..

        I raise a glass to you VK for the Spirit of Humanity to find itself .. May we always find our glass half full πŸ™‚ .. Love and Light.. DW


  3. Thanks for the link, VK, and I totally get what you’re saying!
    It isn’t a case of losing the Christmas feeling (spirit), just gaining a new one!
    Thanks for the boost! This shift we’re going through is subtle… but amazing when we open up to it!

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    • Yes, the shift is very subtle and it makes it hard to give the shift our undivided attention because of the world of distractions we are trapped in right now. I am suddenly finding that I am noticing messages ALL the time now in everything I see and hear. It may be as strange yet simple as in a television ad. These messages we get offer us options to do something with them and move forward or to not notice them if we choose. It is not easy to be aware of the shift we are being swept along by, but if we get into the habit of ‘noticing’ life more carefully, then we get the messages and then we pay even more attention to life and it’s flow, as it rushes through us rather than just flowing around us. I just got a message through a tv show this morning. It is a show about Pitbull rescues and the new lives they are given by the people saving them and adopting them out to people who truly want them. The show today had a young man who was there to find a new puppy as his dog had recently been shot and killed by the police(grrrr)…This young man also has terminal cancer, has trouble walking and his dog was his right hand man and he was devastated when his dog was killed. Such a positive young soul who didn’t deserve any of that! So I emailed the show with all of my info on the amazing cures taking place with cancer patients using medical marijuana. It actually DOES kill cancer! So hopefully they will get the information to him and maybe he can get better. My message I got today was to be more mindful of others and reach out to others just to let them know somebody cares. Not a hard thing to do, but I got the message and I will take it to heart. Whew, long winded reply. Sorry about that. Take care TL and enjoy making new memories πŸ™‚ VK


    • Hey there Skyz…
      I haven’t felt much for Christmas for years. It is not a scrooge type thingy, more a case of not feeling the need to get caught up in it as to me that is just more of the matrix that I was so glad to get free of. I understand what you’re saying with Skyman and all, but just be who you really are. ‘Tis the season to be truthful’ fa la la la la la la la la la…You don’t have to be a bummer but you don’t have to fake it either. Be his balance for the commercial insanity of the season. You will be doing him a great favor and not feeding him to the matrix 100%…You will be a wonderful balance as you are awake and able to give him a different perspective that can save his life πŸ™‚ There is so much more to life that so many let race on by them unnoticed. You will be a breath of fresh air to him…btw…Love the word holidaze!!! It is such a perfect description of the whole drama….Have a happy my friend ❀ VK


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