Early Christmas Greetings…


I wanted to leave off this message to my readers wishing them peace and heart felt love this holiday season. May it bring you Joy and Gratitude and may you bring others Joy and Gratitude as well. A new Christmas for a new world. Blessings to all! I also wanted to mention that I may be away from writing for a while, I’m not sure yet. Times have become extremely difficult for me and I need to deal with this challenge. I don’t think I have enough energy for both but we shall see. I’m praying for a little bit of magic. I wish to share my warm blessings and love with all… May you find the true and meaningful spirit of the holidays.

Much love and caring for all,



8 thoughts on “Early Christmas Greetings…

  1. Merry Christmas, VK!
    I’m intending only the greatest good for you and your loved ones–not only during the Holidays, but throughout the New Year and beyond! 🙂
    Just know that wherever you may go, whatever you may do, all of us are with you in Spirit and sharing an endless supply of Love and Energy with you.
    May all the warmth and joy you’ve shared with us be returned tenfold (and then some)!
    ❤ ❤ ❤
    With Love,


    • Thank you Stargazer….What a wonderful message. I appreciate it deeply and hope you and your family have a meaningful Christmas full of love and warmth and yes, hopefully we all see a grand new year arrive and lift us all up 🙂 Until such time….Blessings and love…VK ❤

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  2. Gentle peace to you and a happy resolution to the problems you face, Hollis. It can be so debilitating to spirit and body to be assaulted by worry and energy-draining problems…all part of life, but sometimes imbalanced and too much at once! So I hope you’ll be able to sort it out satisfactorily, gain wisdom and arrive at a place of peace. You deserve it! Take great care.


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