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We are silent. We sit in silence as if waiting for that loud finger snap that releases patients from hypnotic trance. It seems the world has been brainwashed into oblivion. A powerful trance has been cast upon the people to hold them firmly in place and discourage any push back. First fear was created to force people to give up their freedom and rights in exchange for safety and protection. Next we were given endless forms of entertainment and diversion to keep our awareness dulled. Brilliant minds keep churning out the entertainment and the people keep eating it up. Finally we have the end game, this present moment, where our frequencies are humming with danger signals, our guts don’t feel right, our balance is off, something is very wrong in the world, yet we stand frozen like the deer in the head lights, silent. We pull back and withdraw into the shadows, unable or unwilling to speak out. The silence is deafening, shame hovers over the valley contaminating everyone.

We are ashamed at having fallen asleep at the wheel and being played like a fiddle. The world has become a flashing neon nightmare during our slumber and sadly we are partly to blame for it. We are being faced with big decisions. We either continue on down the path of the victim under the spell of our depraved masters or we come together and break our silence! It is time to allow ourselves to finally be who we are meant to be and free ourselves. Something has to give, NOW, as time flies by and the state of the world becomes more dangerous. Time is no longer a luxury. We must stop and take a close, hard look at ourselves. How can we remain silent we must ask ourselves and do nothing as our fellow humans are being poisoned in Flint Michigan? They are us and we are them, a crime has been committed against humanity but where is the support for those so in need?  Where is the outrage? This really is no different than Saddam poisoning his people. That could be your town or city or mine! We witness travesty after travesty happen, we watch gross negligence in our criminal system, laws being violated on many levels but never do we see heads roll. It begins to create feelings of defeat!

It seems to me we have lost our abilities to believe. In ourselves, our power, in something greater than ourselves, in life, in faith, in our very reason for being. The silence is coming from people who no longer believe we have the right and even the obligation to speak out, that nothing will be done, why bother. That silence is very dangerous for it invites in complacency. People have been beaten down by non-stop drama and death, evil and corruption. It has taken root in our minds and refuses to leave. It feels like we have no more energy to fight the battle. For every tragic and frightening episode tossed our way there are ten more right behind it waiting to jump in and become the next news flash.

The behavior of humanity right now is totally understandable given the massive amount of non-stop mind manipulation through television programming going on, but that does not excuse us completely. Unless humanity collectively stands up and refuses to go on living this lie, how will this all end up? We are now beyond the tipping point, things have shifted and will continue to do so as more of humanity awakens, and once awakened there is no going back. Perhaps that frightens some people into staying put and playing it safe. That is their choice to make. Our innate sense of survival has awoken us, we have begun to snap back to life. It seems most everyone can feel the discomfort of watching this paradigm dismantle itself, everything is out of balance, there is fear, but there must be hope and excitement as well for what can be!

It is time to face the music and make that huge step out of the box and into the nothingness of possibility. There are no boundaries other than the ones we make. We must not allow ourselves to remain disconnected and complacent, for the next step after that is defeat and that is not even a possibility. We always used to say “when the time comes we will be called upon”. There is no more waiting, that time is now, the insanity must end immediately and we must take back our lives and our world. No more talk, just get up and walk!

It is time to beat our chests and sound our war cry having taken a good hard look at the mess that has been created in the world. We must roll up our sleeves and get to work cleaning up this mess. We need to wash the stench of corruption from the air we breathe and infuse it with the sweetness of truth. We have been called to end our silence and join forces to end all the injustice that prevails and be the guiding lights we were meant to be. It is time to walk our talk and be kind, giving, compassionate, caring and loving beings. We must BE the change we wish to see and that means we must once again become engaged with life not just in it for the ride.

We must rebuild our sensitivity. We have lost that through constant news stories of horror and death and hopelessness. We need to get sensitivity back and fast! If we can’t feel for others, how can we possibly expect to win this battle? We have to learn how to care again and be there for one another. We see glimpses of it when there is a tragedy and everyone gives what they can and it is a wonderful thing to see, but it fades quickly. We must learn how to keep it going, how to feel that compassion for someone else, reaching out to them with support and  feeling the joy of knowing you made a difference in their life. We need to feel that all the time. It is moments such as these that fill us up and feed our souls within. We are starving without these moments and it is vital we begin to create them more and more until we finally begin caring for the whole of humanity and not just ourselves. We must end our silence and say no to injustice and inequality! It has no place in our lives any longer. It is time to heal!

Blessings to all…


Let’s Help Create Change…

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I was just reading an article on how we have changed our way of dying from this world and it got me thinking about old age and death and what we all probably hope for as our ending, but we may not ever get. Many, many times I have sat and day dreamed about how I would love to create a new kind of nursing home to care for our loved ones. That was until I was reading this article and it began to spin my wheels of thinking and creating. So often I think many of us feel helpless in stopping the insanity all around us which so often leaves people feeling vulnerable and that is not a good place to be.

While I realize there are folks fairly bad off who require around the clock nursing care that may very well be needed, I also know that a great many families whose loved ones don’t require such care and yet they sit staring off in  nursing homes. Somewhere along in our evolving we were forced into accepting that rotting in nursing homes was okay. I am here to say it is not! The day we began to accept this as our reality was the day we began to lose our compassion and caring for all of life, we broke those bonds first made at our births that taught us what loving and caring truly was. Our disconnection with what matters most in life began eroding and our path became less clear to us and we began to stumble along not quite sure of where we were going.

Let us get ourselves ‘un-lost’ and back on the right path. We can do that by making sure we find a way to keep OUR loved ones close as they age and ready themselves for their next voyage to another life.  If we can save for our children’s college, which is wonderful if we can do that, why are we not instead saving for our parents elder care at home? They are old and in need of being tended, our children are young and vibrant and able to find ways to get themselves through college. We used to do that all the time way back when we were not pandering to our kids. Now we are depriving them of learning to stand on their own two feet because we step in and take over.

We win two challenges by doing this. We find a way to take care of our elders because we have planned and saved for it as we’ve gone along ensuring them of a loving and caring ending to their lives, and two we give back to our children their right to learn how to stand on their own and make life work for themselves. It is a win-win situation in my eyes. We have failed to see that giving our children everything they want and need has weakened their strength and know how. We did not do it intentionally, it just happened that what we were doing by giving them everything had rather harsh consequences  in the end. Only now are we beginning to fully realize we have raised a generation of children who feel entitled to their life’s desires.

In our spiritual lives we have laws of sorts we choose to live by to become the best we can be. Let’s add to our lists, saving for elder care at home and keeping the family together until the end. We make it a point to stay positive, think positive, be kind and giving and live from our hearts. Let us include saving our money for tending to loved ones at home as well. It may be late for many of us now aging ourselves to save enough, but it is never too late to teach those coming up behind us! We make a huge statement by doing this and hopefully the push to keep our elders at home will grow, just like the organic movement and alternative healing. We pushed those to the forefront, we can do it as well with restoring death with dignity, keeping families together and coming back together again in our hearts. Lets bust the nursing home mind-set and renew our compassion.

Blessings to all,


This Is So Disturbing…


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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this issue that is NOT being talked about in main stream media and this really is very important. By not doing anything about this for months, the damage continues. A flash back to the gulf oil spill. The food supply is under attack again. I just wish the media was actually doing their job but they are not. They are bought and sold just like politicians and made to report on one thing and ignore another. This is just not acceptable!

My thanks to: The Activist Post