New Years Resolutions…

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It always amazes me when I hear people talking about their new years resolutions and they are almost always about themselves. While we are busy trying to make ourselves better in the year ahead,(truthfully  we’re fine just the way we are) why not include resolutions to make the WORLD a better place. We need to ask ourselves what can we do to help bring about peace and joy and end all the war and oppression? Well, along with losing weight, improving your diet, exercising more etc. why not include vowing to step out of denial and awaken to the truth? The world is drowning in lies and never before has it become more urgent to demand the truth! It begins with us. If we continue to listen to the lies and not confront the liars what good are we doing? Begin the new year off waking up, refusing to accept the lies and propaganda any longer and demand the truth! It is now or never for us to save ourselves, our country and improve the world. Lets place awakening and becoming active at the top of our resolution lists! What good will losing 20 lbs. do for you if your world is violent and filled with chaos? Here is an article to help you gather up the courage. My thanks to Collective Evolution.