What Can We Do?


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Here we are now in 2016 and I have no intentions of dragging my old issues behind me into the new year! No way! I am so done with all the crazy, self-inflicted limitations I placed on my life so I could be SAFE! The only true way to be safe is to be who you really are in every sense of the word and make the effort to help all those around you to do the same. This new year should be about giving and sharing of ourselves. We have isolated ourselves long enough now, denying our self-worth as magical beings and putting up walls between ourselves and the rest of the world. We are the world, all of it, together as one. There are no boundaries between countries or states except ones that our egos have created. It is time to stop denying there are millions of people suffering and starving in the world. We can no longer look away and remain silent in good conscience. It is time we reach out and offer our hand to lift them up. This is the year of expansion, of offering ourselves to the world, to allowing ourselves to face the truth and do something about it, rather than just being observers.

If our lame Government will not do anything to make changes for the better in the world, then it is up to us to find ways to make those changes ourselves, by thinking outside the 3rd dimensional box we live in and gazing into the 5th dimensional box for answers. Physically we may be stuck in the 3rd dimension here on earth, but our minds can go wherever we choose to go and can create whatever we so desire. We know now the Government and our President is hell-bent on destroying this country and our Constitution, so why waste time looking to them for change. We must come together and find ways as powerful groups to do what the Government won’t. Find ways to create peace and harmony by changing who we are into who we have dreamed about being. We just have to do it!

It begins with our activating compassion within. In order to find the space to house that compassion, we need to toss out the fear and begin to build our trust. The world desperately needs compassion as do we all. The fear we have been harboring is useless not to mention detrimental to our health. Morality has been attacked and replaced with vulgarity, violence, victims and venom. Last year was the year of the V.  Let us make 2016 the year of C.  Courage, compassion, caring and completion. It is time to reignite our abilities to feel again after having been numbed and dumbed down for eons. We have been blasted with constant messages that there is nothing we can do, that the world is a terrible place right now, that we are victims. We are anything but!! We have the ability to shut those messages out and instead focus on becoming compassionate and caring beings once again. After all, that is who we truly are. Let us all wake up, watch out for one another and begin to care again about all others as well as ourselves. Open your hearts, climb out of the safe zone and find ways to grow and expand your magic to make a difference in the world! Happy 2016!

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10 thoughts on “What Can We Do?

  1. I hear you, VK!!! For years my husband and I have taken in stray cats who were dying, very ill, abused, neglected, starving, frozen. They have become our family and we have been chastised by the world because of what we do. Family won’t come near us. Friends …. very few. They came to us and we did not look the other way. I fight medicine for I refuse to vaccinate them or medicate them. We study natural means of healing for both us and our cats. We use medicine only when necessary. It’s not only about people but it is about the animals as well who have been brutalized by this world. People don’t understand how sensitive and wise these animals are to the point it will have you asking just who is the “higher species” upon earth? This is about Compassion for ALL and it just happens we have been called to help animals and to shake establishments up to see how horrific the over vaccinating and wrongful feeding of animals is. I’ve been banging my head on brick walls for years BUT just lately THIS year a new vet has entered our lives, and I do believe he upon seeing our cats and how healthy they are even though they are special needs, has an open mind. He is curious as to HOW we are doing what we are!! Didn’t mean to leave a book but your post got me excited! YES!! It is time to reach out to help those that need it, darn it!


    • I know what you mean…I think most of us here have been on the same journey of better health, better food, no drugs, better education, protect the animals, etc. The true sense of living an alternative lifestyle. We can only hope if we show compassion to the world that maybe those around us might feel compelled to do the same. Very frustrating at times being stuck here when we would really rather be anywhere than in this nightmare here on earth. We need a strong faith as well that all is as it should be and we keep moving forward towards change….Thanks AR….VK xo

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      • I get hot under the collar just thinking about the callousness of this world. I am such a Sensitive that the cries of this world are felt by me and I have to block them out. Living with and working with special needs cats is so difficult in of itself emotionally because I see them suffering and I feel their pain. Technology in a huge way has dehumanized people with conversation, face to face, slowly being forgotten. Children are neglected and given wrongful education. Foods are being poisoned, as well as our waters and air. I don’t honestly know how any of us will survive, but I do say this, I will do down fighting, that is for sure. I take care of my special family in every way I can. I open my mouth and speak up when I see a wrong. I step in when I know something is wrong and I right that wrong. I care for our Mother and tend to my gardens, and as I do as with all I else I do, LOVE radiates out to this world to combat the darkness that has its grip upon it. I know of no other way. I will not listen to man. I listen only to Source and to my Heart. I honestly don’t know where this world is headed but I am doing my best to make a difference, and I know you are too. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart. ❤

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    • The world is a very difficult place to maneuver right now and for us sensitive people it seems even more overwhelming. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to drop the anger and outrage and replace it with strong faith that all will be well no matter what. Everything is unfolding exactly as it should and hopefully we are using that once wasted emotion of fear by using that energy instead in helping to awaken others gently and help change the world for the better wherever we are. Bolster that energy you have to do good in the world by choosing to see what is right in the world and refusing to get caught up in seeing only the things that are going wrong. We become more powerful when we do this and the world needs our power to heal. Blessings….VK

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      • And that, my friend, is exactly what I do. I withdrew from my world to write what I did, the truth, yet as I say on Petals again and again, what you focus on you empower. So I focus on Beauty, on Love, on Peace. When I do speak of those things of this world, I do have deep emotions about them, for as anyone who knows me, I don’t sugar coat. If I gave into the fear that would love to destroy me, I wouldn’t make it. I deliberately surround myself with Mother, with flowers, with cats, with gentle music, with writing, with singing, and I walk many miles in beautiful forests with Angels and Fairies in order to keep the Peace within my Heart. I refuse to watch the news and when hubs has it on, I remove myself from that room. I tell him he is poisoning himself but he has to learn that himself. Petals represents who I am and yes I really do walk my talk. As you have witnessed in my last comment, when my eyes are on things of this world, those things that I am so concerned about, I speak passionately about them. I’ve been told by a certain person in my personal life I have my head up in the clouds and I don’t see reality for what it is. Oh no, I do see reality for what it is, and that is the whole point for having my head up in the clouds. 🙂
        Have a great day! It finally snowed here and I intend to get some macro shots of some fantastic artistry left by Mother. I also have a part 2 and 3 coming on my blog about an adventure I had on a hiking trail last week. Those things and all I do for my cats will be my day!! Blessings!! ❤

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    • Thank you sincerely SG….That means a lot to me. I feel EXCITEMENT within. I think that will be the one word I choose for the new year to live by every day. My challenge to keep the excitement going & growing. What an amazing journey we are on! Blessings to you…VK ❤

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