4 thoughts on “Interesting Predictions…

  1. Interesting predictions, but I agree with you, VK. WE create the conditions most appropriate for our own soul growth. Unfortunately, if this article is any indication of the other materials in it, I perceive this site as being just one more that promotes fear and casts doubt about our future.

    I prefer to focus on a future that is increasingly filled with Truth, disclosure, understanding, and healing. Once we face, understand, and accept the nature of our own “darkness”, we can forgive–and choose to move past it with Ease and Grace.

    The stronger and more confident we become in our choices and POWER, the more our world will change for the better.

    Contrary to what those of “The Dark” would have us believe, WE hold the power to create our own future. Once we begin to KNOW and TRUST in OUR OWN power, we’ll find that they have absolutely no effect on us whatsoever.

    To move beyond our limitations, we must simply choose to do so!

    With Love,



    • Sounds like a plan SG…My last post was that video about love, reality and time of transition. That was important because it explains why we can’t get lost in our rosey little pictures of love and all will be well etc…That was a very important message on that video and I agree with it in many ways. I look at all sides and keep my eyes wide open to EVERYTHING both bad and good…VK ❤

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    • In some respects yes but we must not forget WE have the power to manifest whatever we desire with our thoughts and intentions. This scenario is avoidable if WE speak out and speak up and stand up for what we believe in….Silence will be our downfall. It will definitely be a wild ride that is for sure 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts…VK

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