This Is So Disturbing…


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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on this issue that is NOT being talked about in main stream media and this really is very important. By not doing anything about this for months, the damage continues. A flash back to the gulf oil spill. The food supply is under attack again. I just wish the media was actually doing their job but they are not. They are bought and sold just like politicians and made to report on one thing and ignore another. This is just not acceptable!

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6 thoughts on “This Is So Disturbing…

  1. I did see about the Methane leaks here on TV.. but it was only mentioned as a one off.. I went over to the link.. and yes it is no wonder there are such high rates of Cancers around.. And the USA shouted from the Roof tops when BP oil spill polluted the ocean and went all out in compensation claims.. What about the residents who are being poisoned what recompense are they getting?


    • I don’t know off the top of my head…The dangers are not only for those who live around it, explosions are possible with Methane leaks…The whole scenario is beyond dangerous and yet being totally ignored. So typical of the media. They are far busier reporting on the elite candidate they want to put into office to keep the oppression going on the people. So sick and tired of it all…..Hugs to you…VK ❀

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    • Well the media over here are not ostriches, they are outright criminals and ignore important news when told to do so by higher ups in Government. Lets face it, that is their employer in the end and they will do everything they are told to do or not do….EVIL !!! But they will all be held accountable when the wrath of the awakening people explodes!!!! I pity such a time when they will be begging for mercy….. VK πŸ™‚

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  2. I’m with you, VK! A way of “life” that harms our environment is definitely not my choice either.

    As more and more things like this occur however, I’m finding it easier to see them as something positive–they’re helping jolt others awake, so they can understand they have a choice too. We can either feed the same old vibrations of fear, corruption, and greed, or we can stand strong for a future of wisdom, cooperation, and Universal responsibility.

    You’re 100% correct about the media, too. Their job is to keep us focused on all the negativity in the world, so we feel separate, unwise, and powerless.

    As difficult as it is to watch and endure, it is situations like this that will ultimately trigger humanity’s awakening and drive people into positive action.

    It may help to consider it a “birthing pain” of a New Earth, if you will. I have to ultimately trust in the collective ability of humanity to change its course.

    We not only CAN correct this, we ARE correcting it! We simply need to believe (or KNOW) it is so and put our power where our heart is!

    With Love,


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    • Thanks SG…Right you are. I remember back when Shrub was in office and I literally would race for the tv remote when he came on so I could turn the channel before I heard his voice. I couldn’t stand the guy or his side kick Cheney. The same has happened with Obama as well but on a different note. I realized back when Shrub was raising my hackles that I really needed to embrace him for without the corruption they brought to the table we would have still been sound asleep. The same goes for Obama whom I detest in one breath but praise in another for furthering our awakening at warp speed! His ” transparency” has been exactly that. We have seen clearly all of the corruption and deliberate destruction of this country happen before our eyes, but it rallied the masses thankfully and they are not going back to sleep.I can’t stand the guy but he is helping the world shift faster. I just hope this is the end of all of the crap we have endured and we can finally move forward and repair our world and bring about peace. Thanks for popping by πŸ™‚ Blessings to you…VK ❀

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