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I just wanted to even the playing field of life just a little if I could. Before anyone goes into terror fits over this Zika virus Health Emergency,I just hope you will acquaint yourself with a few more facts that Main Stream Media (oops!) forgot to mention.  We all must remember to not buy into manufactured fear. We are far greater than that. It is imperative we question EVERYTHING and seek out the truth. That is what the Internet is good for. Our courage to face the truth has not been easy, but we are stronger for it! Stay curious, ask questions and listen only to your heart… VK

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  1. When there was all the talk of ebola a couple of years ago, I’ll admit that I got caught up in it during the beginning….until I realized they weren’t being honest about how many confirmed cases there were. But this time with the zika virus, instead of worrying about it for even a second, I immediately put my skepticism hat on and wondered what they were hiding. There is almost always something fishy going on every time they try to frighten us with the threat of a contagious disease. Have you read about the theory that experimental vaccines they administered last year in Brazil might be the legitimate cause of the increasing number of birth defects? It seems quite believable to me that the people there have been exposed to a high load of toxins, possibly in the vaccines or food, and no one wants to be honest and take responsibility. “Let’s just get the public terrified about this little virus instead of letting them know what the real threats are. We’ll get away with this, like we always do.”

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