Is The Truth Finally Coming Out?

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To anyone following the Zika Virus insanity, they know in the bottom of their hearts this latest scare tactic is bogus. First because of who holds the Patent for this virus, second because of how long Zika has been around and yet it just suddenly comes forward now and the hysteria begins? How convenient. Lets stop falling for these dramas before we RESEARCH the truth behind them. Here is one of the latest articles.


8 thoughts on “Is The Truth Finally Coming Out?

    • I’m not really researching DW, just bumping into ongoing info about it. I just refuse to look away when something is so wrong.! This latest attempt to scare the people into complying with wishes and giving up more freedoms and being poisoned by deadly chemicals, and in our case Obama is asking Congress for billions to fight the virus, is pure evil, they are all pure evil. We can’t be complacent when evil is involved. We have to continue to expose the lies and let it spread far and wide. People are far more awake than we think. I am surprised many times by people I meet in town who I assume to be sleepers when in actual fact they are anything but. It gives one hope! This Presidential election going on over here is amazing to witness. The outsider/non-political candidates are kicking butt and watching the establishment’s dust in their rear view mirrors. The peoples voice is mega loud and clear and confusing all the media people who don’t have a clue what is going on. They still don’t know lol…They keep saying this is so amazing. Really? People are pissed and not going to take it any longer! The jig is up and it is time for peace to come forth….Be sweet my friend 🙂 VK ❤

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      • Indeed they will see the big shift! The two candidates who are crushing everyone else in the polls are both wide awake and wanting to change direction and get our country back and our freedoms as well. The establishment is going bonkers which makes me chuckle. Pay back begins! VK ❤

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    • Thank you AmyRose….We can’t afford the luxury of silence any longer or we will lose all we have been fighting for. This is OUR time, for peace and compassion and freedom!!! We will not attain that dream however without a fight for the front seat on the bus for a change 🙂 We shall get there with determination and passion to set things right again…Blessings to you….VK

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      • I’ve been saying TRUTH for a long time over at Petals, VK, yet I do not touch politics, religion, or the latest world scams. My Heart does not direct me to do so. My focus is on how we all LIVE our lives, in Peace, in Love, and in Truth. I applaud you for doing what you are! The moment I heard about this virus my eyes rolled and said outloud “Yeah right!” A few months back it was Ebola, but all of a sudden you know longer hear abou this “dangerous” virus, do you? Now this. The lies, the deceptions, the scams pound at people continuously all with one agenda in mind …. Get them in FEAR and keep them there. What I “see” is downright scary and if people don’t start waking up to the fact that we are as a nation, as a world people, deliberately being misled on ALL aspects of life, then we are truly in huge trouble. Spirit began telling me years ago the urgency of NOW to insist on ALL I do is to focus on LOVE, Peace, Truth, and Beauty and to get our eyes off of FEAR. Bless you for your work. I LOVE the way Spirit works for those that are called have different pieces of the “pie” and when seen as a whole, that pie is Perfect. 🙂 ❤

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      • You are so right about the pie. We do all play our parts which in the end all comes together for us. I think this election is a very loud ‘proof of life’ so to speak of people waking up. Never before could these outsiders have been acceptable, but now we know better and are demanding better! Keep praying and seeing peace…Hugs…VK 🙂

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