Have You Gotten Free Yet?


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As time marches on and more and more criminal evidence continues to mount up showing how deeply we have been deceived by our Government, it is understandable why this latest Presidential election is turning out the way it is. The people are waking up and many are boiling mad. They have reached their limits. I know a great many remain asleep in their television comas, so occasionally I will leave off information I think is vital to waking up in hopes someone will see it and awaken further. Think your Government would never do anything against you? Think again and stop accepting the stories you are told as being an accident. I do not leave this off to promote fear, quite the opposite. I am hoping the more truth you know about, the greater strength you will gain to fight for your freedom. Pay attention to your life everyday. The reason the Government got away with what they did to us for so long, is because we were NOT paying attention and they still prefer we are distracted and not paying attention. Stay awake, listen carefully and fact check everything!