Enough Is Enough…



I am about ready to erupt like a volcano having to live in a state of constantly being LIED to , especially when it concerns human health. The dishonesty in the world is more than I can take. Just look at the picture to the left( click to enlarge) and think about the fact this is just one fracking field out of at least two million and one can begin to see a clear picture of the probability of water contamination.  So many wells all over the country leaching into the water table is not GOOD! We saw what stone walling and foot dragging and out right lies did to the people  of the Gulf Oil Spill. You never read about the suffering they are still enduring to this day!The seafood was “Fine” to eat. Right! Go ahead and make yourself sick. This Government has total disregard for the people of this country and I say enough is enough. We need the lies to STOP . We are not being told the truth ever, and people are starting to put the dots together but not fast enough. Where are you going to go to get more water when the water already here is too toxic to drink or bathe in? Where are you going to get new air when our air is too toxic to breathe? We need to face the facts and stand up for our country before it is too late! What resources we have are the only resources we have. We need every bit of information we can get our minds around to level the playing field. Here are some facts to ponder today.