Enough Is Enough…



I am about ready to erupt like a volcano having to live in a state of constantly being LIED to , especially when it concerns human health. The dishonesty in the world is more than I can take. Just look at the picture to the left( click to enlarge) and think about the fact this is just one fracking field out of at least two million and one can begin to see a clear picture of the probability of water contamination. Β So many wells all over the country leaching into the water table is not GOOD! We saw what stone walling and foot dragging and out right lies did to the people Β of the Gulf Oil Spill. You never read about the suffering they are still enduring to this day!The seafood was “Fine” to eat. Right! Go ahead and make yourself sick. This Government has total disregard for the people of this country and I say enough is enough. We need the lies toΒ STOP . We are not being told the truth ever, and people are starting to put the dots together but not fast enough. Where are you going to go to get more water when the water already here is too toxic to drink or bathe in? Where are you going to get new air when our air is too toxic to breathe? We need to face the facts and stand up for our country before it is too late! What resources we have are the only resources we have. We need every bit of information we can get our minds around to level the playing field. Here are some facts to ponder today.

10 thoughts on “Enough Is Enough…

  1. I can definitely relate to the frustration you (and so many others) feel!

    I too seriously question things when I see so much evidence of abuses that seem to be occurring everywhere. The two most recent cases that come to mind are a study here in California where so many redwood trees (many, thousands of years old) were found to be dying from the so-called “drought” (which I’m fairly certain has been geo-engineered) and another incident where a baby dolphin died from overheating as many beachgoers passing him/her around so they could take “selfies” with it. Oh, and then there are certain “nameless” multi-millionaire celebrities who are going bankrupt and expecting others to bail them out through donations to an online funding account…


    With these kinds of things happening, it’s easy to feel disgusted, disillusioned, and overwhelmed. At the end of the day however, I seem increasingly able to see these things as blessings because they are serving as powerful catalysts for change (hey, I just noticed it’s 11:44…LOL…those into numerology may appreciate the subtle meaning of those numbers, but since there are so many ways to interpret them, I’ll leave that up to each of you).

    As sad as these events are to see, I’m beginning to understand that many such souls (including disoriented/stranded whales and other mass die-offs) are sacrificing their physical bodies to grab our attention and teach us a lesson. Unfortunately, people have been so distracted by the control matrixes (bombardment of negativity, consumerism, and divisiveness) that it is taking drastic and seemingly ludicrous events such as these to “wake them up” to what’s really important in life.

    The important thing to remember is that to create positive change we need to STAY AS POSITIVE AS POSSIBLE. The “posers that were” (I refuse to call them the “powers that be” because that kind of acknowledgement only gives them more power/energy) are doing everything possible to keep us in a lower plane of consciousness. As long as we believe them, surrender our power to them, and “feed” their corporate mechanisms, they’ll continue to exercise control over us.

    By standing tall in our sovereignty as Divine Beings, acknowledging the right of others to make their own free will choices, and remaining calm and confident in our ability to create positive change (both as individuals and as a collective humanity) we can overcome all these challenges.

    Shutting off the TV, meditating, centering and grounding ourselves in Nature, appreciating life, and treating all others with Respect and Love are all positive steps toward the creation of a future where such sad events won’t ever be necessary.

    I know it’s difficult, but TRUST. People are waking up (hee, hee…just noticed it’s 12:12). All the negativity we’re seeing is just the 1% misbehaving and trying to keep the rest of us down at their level. Humanity is too smart to fall for their tricks for too much longer. If you look closely and listen carefully to those around you, you may even see signs of awakening all around.

    Just remember…this isn’t the end. It’s just A NEW BEGINNING!

    With Love,


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    • Hey SG…
      The beginning has begun. Beyond the fear of now, lies the excitement of what can be tomorrow. We must focus our intentions on what good we can create out of this chaos and not on the chaos itself. Therein lies our strength. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree about your ways of creating the future. It’s the only way to be, to live our lives, if we are to go on to the next level on the journey. Thanks…VK πŸ™‚

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  2. As you know VK the UK has agreed to fracking and in our area also.. if that is not bad enough as the land beneath us is riddled already with mine workings.. Our own property had to have work done because of the mining subsidence ..
    Like you and Mary I sign petitions and join local groups to protest.. and attend meetings.. Still all got passed because those in Gov’ already make their deals..
    Knowing there are many good projects of eco friendly themes and conservation going along keeps me strong.. and Knowing that our Earth Mother is also listening and like us is fed up of being scared .. Love and Hugs and thank you for sharing.. πŸ™‚

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  3. I love this planet and visualize Her well. I imagine a perfect place and put those vibes out there, and try to stay balanced within myself. Also everyone needs to wake up before we can move forward. Believing in unity and oneness, the people who are doing these things are us.

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  4. It’s so hard to know what to do! I sign petitions, write to senators, educate where I can…Other than voting, what power do we really have? I walk a fine line between being upset and letting go. I mean, my head is not in the sand, but I can’t continue to be constantly torn up over stuff I have no control over. How do you handle this? What do you think we should do?

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    • Hey Mary…That is a very good question. We cannot fight against big corporations or the Govt as both are too big so that leaves US! It is up to each of us to try and be the very best we can be to set an example for those around us. We talk when we can and make people aware like I try to do here, by not feeding the monster by refusing to become buying fanatics, by quiet non compliance, by having each others backs so when we become overwhelmed we have others there to take up slack and offer support etc. This is a difficult battle for sure. I am an honesty/integrity freak so living at a time when lies are drowning us, it is very hard for me not to explode! Voice your frustration and get it out. There is a great deal of good going on behind the scenes that most don’t even know about but it is and it brings hope. This battle for light vs dark has been going on forever. Will we succeed this time? I sure hope so!!!! Hang in…. VK πŸ™‚

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