Full Moon Cometh…

magic night: moon stars water (art - illustration)

magic night: moon stars water (art – illustration)


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Sorry everybody for posting the wrong moon data the other day. Times have been tough lately and I have lost track of where we are in the moon cycles…I do know this is correct now! It is a full moon and not a new moon coming up. I’ll get back on track soon, I hope. Here is the article.

7 thoughts on “Full Moon Cometh…

  1. VK, you are motivated alone. I’ve been all day feeling as if nothing matters anymore. Things have been extreme and right now, not sure if I can get back up on the horse. Not sure what’s going on. I don’t know if I even have what it takes to encourage you, but I will try. Hang on. ❤

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    • Sweet Amyrose….Being a self improvement coach and a spiritual coach my heart strings instantly tug at your words you speak. I have no idea of course what has brought you down so low, but it is only momentary. Everyday is different and brings new hope to our hearts. These are tough times. Here we are humans having to face the awful truth that we are being oppressed by very dark forces and have been for a very long time now, but worse than that is we allowed it to happen because we became complacent and stopped paying attention to life. Materialism took over our sensibilities and we faded away. That is a terrible realization to face. Now we are are having to deal with massive dishonesty from our oppressors and having our strength attacked by diversity. I am amazed any of us are still standing but we are. We are because we know better. We are because our hearts are open. We are because we have faced the truth, stared it down and won. We are here because we are desperately needed to win this battle between light and dark. We are here because we are filled with love.
      If you would like to sort things out please feel free to email me and I will email you back. I will not charge you, I am far more concerned about how low you feel and I know you can brighten up and find your way back to where you want to be. Just leave contact info in the comment area. Sometimes we just need new ideas and perspectives from other people to get us thinking in a different direction. You can go to the link below. Whatever you decide please know these terrible low times always fade away over time and we rise again. Do NOT get down on yourself. As my message said in the beginning, these times are filled with huge obstacles and negative influences even the best of the best are struggling under. The fact we are still standing and able to still care speaks volumes about who we are.
      Please hang tough and again, if you want to communicate go to the link below and leave me contact info. I so hope today finds you a bit brighter. We are all here for each other, we all have our limits when we buckle and falter and that is when our brothers and sisters step in and help us through. You nor I nor anyone else is alone on this journey, that is why blogs of like minded people are so important to keep us all glued together 🙂 Be well my friend and take good care. There is light at the end of the tunnel.I promise….Hugs…VK ❤

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