Existing or Thriving?


I think we could all ¬†benefit from asking ourselves seriously, “Am I just existing, you know, getting by okay or am I thriving?” ¬†I was looking through pictures just now trying to decide what I would write about. For those who have been at this blog for a while, you know I usually find the picture for my posts first, then the story comes. It is an interesting way of looking at things. I came across this picture I’ve used here and received an instant message from its color and design. That message was ” Make everyday of your life a colorful, cheerful piece of art.” We are the empty canvas and what we do with each day is the art. Life is the gallery and it is we who decide what kind of picture hangs upon its walls. One of beauty, flowing and connection that is forever changing or one that is stagnant, without movement or vibrant colors? We can create beauty and art at any given moment, the choice is always ours to make… Even something as simple and basic as the food we eat. Let your imagination go wild! Make your life a rare Picasso.

Blessings to you all,