Hard To Deny…

In case you may still be sitting on the fence about Chemtrails and weather manipulation or you didn’t even know about it, educate yourself by reading here, watching the video below and joining the ranks of millions of people now awake to the truth! The truth will indeed set us free. We are well on our way right now. Stand strong and keep on inspiring others to awaken!  VK

6 thoughts on “Hard To Deny…

  1. Thanks VK! The most compelling presentation of evidence I’ve ever seen against geo-engineering was the video of a hearing before the board of supervisors in Shasta County, CA. There is a full version (about 3 hours worth) and a shorter version (about 20 minutes) on YouTube. The full length version was spellbinding and the testimony presented made it abundantly clear to me that our governments are seriously manipulating the weather.

    Those interested may find a quick search for that video helpful.

    With Love,


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    • Hey SG….Thanks. Yes, I’ve seen that as well. I can put link to that here also. It’s time people grasp the truth and not look away! We’re getting there I think, moving ahead slowly but surely and changing things as we go…Have a great weekend…Hugs…VK

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