Watching And Waiting….

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It seems like the world is in a constant state of watching and waiting.  For what?  For change. This is why change is so slow in coming despite our desire for it. Because we are waiting instead of being active and creating the change. It will not come about on its own. Love is what holds the world together like glue, but we have not been loving and now it is falling apart at the seams. It is not too late to make a difference, but it will take each of us getting off our butts, disregarding fear and stepping forward with courage to bring change forward. It begins with ourselves and how we see the world. Are we willing to see things differently? Are we willing to admit where we have failed in order to finally do what is right? Are we willing to accept the fact life up until this point has been one of lies and deceit? Shameful isn’t it, that we allowed ourselves to be duped by promises in order to have it all? And now what do we have to show for it? Poverty, disease, alienation from one another, loneliness, despair, fear, hopelessness, war, death and fake freedom.

It does not have to be this way if we can find the strength to face the truth and come together to create a better world for all. It takes each of us to stop believing the lies, it takes opening our hearts and minds so we can come together as one instead of seeing each other as not ourselves. Yes it takes courage, but isn’t that what the human spirit is all about? The will to go on despite the adversity, because deep within we know this is who we are. We are not the fallen we see laying before us. Yes we were lied to, yes everything we thought was real is not, but it is time to realize we must stop whining about what was and come together to create what can be. We seem to think it will be safer if we don’t make waves and rock the boat and just stay silent, but is it really? In the end it is the squeaky wheel that gets the grease. We see people suffering but because it is not happening to us or in our own neighborhoods we feel we can look away and do nothing. Really?

What happens when the suffering comes to YOUR neighborhood? I bet money you will be looking around for someone to help you and if they don’t come you will feel angry and let down and saddened about being ignored and forgotten. How can we expect help from anyone else, if we are not willing to help others? This is what life is really all about. It is not about working 9-5, not about how big our house is or what car we drive, or who we know or what our title in life is. It is all about learning to see the truth and being willing to become who we really are. It is about overcoming the lies we have been told that have been drilled into our brains since birth. It is finding the unexpected joy in helping others and helping them rise up from where they fell. It is about learning how to love and care for each other despite the differences, because inside we are really all the same. Human beings with feelings and desires and courage and caring and yes LOVE! We just have to find these attributes within ourselves once again and become active. No more sitting and waiting! We do not have the luxury of time on our side. It is now or never. This choice as always is ours to make.


13 thoughts on “Watching And Waiting….

  1. You and I know VK we can not change those who are blind to themselves.. We try in our ways to open eyes.. And I would beat my drum hard to try to awaken those who slept.. But I have also come to a new realisation .. That those who will wake up will, and those who will not will keep on keeping on..
    Those who are suffering right now in displacements and refugees are also playing a huge part in enabling others to wake up to compassion.. and allow that LOVE to once again flow.. I hope for their sakes that Humanity soon wakes up to what we are doing to ourselves and our Earth Mother..

    All we can do now is keep on living by example..
    Love and Hugs my friend xx Sue

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    • Yep….Actually the some who are waking up and the others not waking up is nothing more than the world trying to create balance. All or nothing would throw us way off kilter! It’s just frustrating…I think I am hyper sensitive because we are drowning in OBVIOUS election deceit going on over it. It is non-stop babble and all lies. It drives me wild. I’m ready to get on with things….Hugs to you…VK ❤

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      • Good.. We are all in a stew here now as we the public are being given the vote in June to stay or come out of the EU.. The waffle is unbelievable and if you let it can drain you.. So I let my Hubby shout at the TV lol while I go to my room and strum 😉


    • Hubbie’s turn to be vocal….I hear ya….Stay with the guitar, it is far more productive and the end result will be far more pleasing 🙂 I have grown to hate voting as it is all corrupt. That will be something we have to change. Have a good week DW…Hugs..VK ❤

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  2. Yes, we all have to BE the change starting with ourselves, doing what we can with what is right in front of us. Believe, Love, Grace, Action


  3. Yes, small changes will make a big difference, VK! Lately, I’m finding myself being pulled backwards, but I’m pushing myself forwards. Things will get better one step at a time… we just have to keep positive and carry on!
    And that cat in the photograph you’ve used is simply adorable!

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    • Yeah…His/her face was one that captures your heart…Can’t you just see him/her suddenly dart out from under the paper to surprise whomever is passing by? Keep the small steps going TL…A great way to push oneself forward in a positive light is to look upon life as stepping stones and the fact what we do today is what our stone is for tomorrow…Makes ya think about this moment and if you want to repeat it the way it is or make our present moment better for tomorrow…Make it the best it can be 🙂 VK

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    • We create the change in the world we desire by changing who we are first. If we don’t learn how to love, open our hearts, reach out, stop believing the lies, then who will? It takes each one of us and eventually all the individual ‘me’s add up together to become the whole. Are we doing all WE can to make the world a better place? Change is happening but we can speed it up by being who we are truly meant to be. Look at this election cycle. Very different from any EVER before, because we are not who were before. We have grown, we have seen the lies and we have stopped listening, but we need ALL the people to do the same. It means looking at what is right rather than just looking at what is wrong. That is changing how we think. Television teaches the masses to look at what is wrong because it creates hopelessness. Look instead at what is right in your world all around you and focus on that! It creates faith and knowing within, that we can be who we wish to be. We can be better, but it will not come about without our efforts to first change ourselves then reach out to help change the world as well…Have faith AmyRose, we are where we are meant to be, learning what we are meant to be learning on our way to becoming whole again 🙂 ❤

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      • I decided years ago to live my life with respect, honor and LOVE for this earth and all who exist here. I have chosen to live by example yet it seems, my actions are not seen. Yes change is slow, that I know, so with this in mind, I continue to live walking in Love and Peace, Honor and Respect, for all BEings.

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    • And because you have lived that way the world has changed just like the election has changed and the world is not the same place it was just seconds ago. Don’t stop what you are doing, just change your focus from what is wrong to what is right with the world. When i watched this video the first time I was compelled to see the failure out of habit, but upon watching it again it made me see the change from where we have been to what we are now.The dark’s evil may stay the same, but the light is casting new shadows and exposing a new way to go. Look at all that is wrong and realize it is a symbol of the falling down of the paradigm, NOT the world in general. The dark’s paradigm is imploding and can no longer be sustained. It is failing as we gain strength to be the change we wish to see.Love and light always wins out in the end. Have you ever lit a candle in the darkness and not seen the difference it makes? Stay strong…VK 🙂


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