8 thoughts on “Full Moon Ahead…

    • No hard hat DW….Yet…As the insanity ramps up in the world like it is, who knows though…We may all need full body armor soon 🙂 All remains okay and I just keep plodding forward and I hope, UPWARDS!!! Snow again tonight but with spring knocking on the back door it’s no problem, it won’t stay on the ground long but it does slow down rototilling 😦 Soon tho’…Birds are flooding back in singing their happy songs. Stay well and I hope your heart is feeling peace….Hugs..VK ❤

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  1. Just connect with Gaia, feel at one with Source, and let those energies pass right on through. The hardest thing about learning to surf or ski is to learn how to balance and stay upright and I suspect this is no different. Once we’ve figured out how to stay up, we’ll be hangin’ ten with the best!

    With Love,


    • Love ya Stargazer, but please don’t fall for the spiritual bs the dark have created. Doing nothing will only bring more misery. Many fell for that a few years ago until they woke up and saw the plot to snag us all and snag they did, for a while anyway. Most spiritual folks I know now no longer look the other way and only think good thoughts, they are active in pushing for change and for these creeps to go to prison and rot….VK ❤

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      • No worries, VK! “Team Dark’s” entire strategy is based upon their practice of robbing us of our power and making us feel like victims. We’re much, MUCH more powerful than they would have us think we are!

        That said, there’s quite a big difference between looking away or doing nothing (which is certainly what they would like us to do) and navigating the energies and standing tall in our sovereignty. My suggestion for learning to “surf” the energies was merely meant as a way to avoid feeling overwhelmed by them. Once we realize the energies can be used for “good” or “ill”, we can use them to help strengthen our own resolve and our intentions.

        I’m choosing a different path than the ones they present us with. I’m not interested in fear, anger, hatred, or even vengeance anymore. We’re better than all that and can rise above it. If that’s what others wish to experience however, then they can have it…with my blessing!

        WE are the true “captains of our own fate”. They know it and are still trying desperately to separate us from that power.

        Ain’t gonna happen anymore…at least not on my watch!

        With Love,


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    • lol Skyz!!! Incoming indeed at warp 90 if warp speed can actually go that fast. Not fun especially for the Belgium people today…Convenient how this occurs while Obummer is in Cuba smoking cigars and watching baseball games…Time to charge this jerk with crimes against humanity, he and all of the other criminals destroying human lives….I’m done waiting for Justice. If we continue to wait this country will no longer be…..Get you tinfoil helmet on and stay safe….VK

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