Let The Light Shine Forth!


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I was thinking yet again( I never stop) about the world and all the people in it fighting hard to make things right and restore the peace. We need to come together in a way that we know who is our brother or sister. A silent form of camaraderie that lets us see we are growing in numbers and strength. If everyone who is awake lit one tree or bush or potted plant with a string of clear white lights that stayed on no matter what, then the world would be lit up with beautiful white lights that shine forth a powerful message: We all shine together in our awakened states of compassion and a push for change! Just a thought. It is not hard to do, use LED lights because they use less electricity or maybe even solar powered. However we do it, the white lights speak volumes about our strength and conviction for a better world for all and shows us a reason to keep up the good fight.



10 thoughts on “Let The Light Shine Forth!

  1. May all our lights join forces dear Vk… I have some little solar powered flower type white lights in my tree over my little fairy garden 🙂 I often look at them and send thoughts out.. Would that more could send out their thoughts of peace and live it daily in their lives.. This would impact greatly upon the world as a whole.. More are waking up VK.. listening to those caught up in Brussels recently so many were awake and no allowing Fear to rule their lives..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xx

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    • Nice ideas need to explode and create change once and for all Skyz…We need to get beyond this point and get people off their butts and freed from fear of making changes! Thanks for popping in…VK ❤


  2. I think it would be cool Mary if people shared photos of their tree or bush of white lights so we can all share in this together. Lets see what happens. It needs to go viral on Twitter so the idea spreads and everyone is doing it. The dark ones may well get nervous when they see just how many trees of awakening are shining around the world. Ha! VK 🙂


  3. I’m in for a string of solar powered lights!
    Wonderful idea, VK ❤
    Hopefully everyone is our brother or sister, and the lights will show more and more people are waking up to Love and Compassion.
    Peace and Love,

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