Looking For The Core Again…


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I was sitting quietly this morning and watching it snow outside the window. I could see the spring birds darting about from tree to tree between the snow flakes. They were my purple finches which really are more red than purple, but oh well. They seemed to be playing tag.  They travel in little gangs of five or six and have no trouble at all enjoying themselves. Raucous and joyful. I watched and wondered to myself why humanity can not do the same thing? I began my process I use to go looking for the core of the problem. There always is one, eventually. It may take a while to find it, but that is where the answers lie.

I kept looking at the worlds dilemma right now from all angles and I kept coming back to one thing at the center of the chaos. Human Ego. Ego seems at the very heart of each and every problem we are facing today. That human failing of having to be right, of judging others, to feeling better than or above all others, our demand of  needing people to see things our way.  No give or take, no compromise.  Why do we hold onto our beliefs at all costs regardless if they are correct or not? I sense fear lingering in the alley ways of those beliefs.  And why pray tell are we fearful of changing our beliefs? I suppose it stems from familiarity, it’s what defines who we are, who we have been for so long,  so if we no longer believe in that something, then who are we?

Have you ever stopped to closely think about the images and ideas you harbor inside of who you are. How did you come to be this person you are? So often we forget to ask ourselves  the important questions by which to find the answers to our problems.  I know for me changing beliefs has been a real hurdle. I have yet to figure out why exactly.  Fear is mixed in there along with liking things just the way they are, but there is something else infused into the mix. Bigger and broader. Fear plus familiarity  equals what?  Could the third thing be the discomfort of not knowing how to become someone else minus our ego and all the problems it creates? Leaving behind ego allows us the freedom to become who we really are, but there too is fear for many. If given the freedom to be free, who do we become?  How would we be? How would we think? Is it just easier to be who we think we are rather than actually finding a new way of being, a new person to become?

Despite our despair over the warring state of our planet and our urgent need for tranquility and peace, we hold onto powerful beliefs that shape our world, our thoughts,  our interaction with life, regardless if they are bad or good, to allow the  definition of who we are to continue. Many have lost that lust for life that brings about our creativity and stimulation to grow and expand to be more than what we are. It has been stifled and stuffed because of the chaotic circumstances smothering the world and demanding our constant attention and never-ending energy to keep fighting for what we believe in .  It is time to get back to asking ourselves the deeper questions we have ignored while being entertained by society.

Do we truly know who we are beyond our sex, age, race, career etc? Have you figured out what makes you do what you do and think the way you do?  It’s time to ask and more importantly to listen to the answer. As a society we must put an end to judgment and come clean with who we are, change any incorrect beliefs that no longer define who we wish to be and place our powerful energies into creating a new world of acceptance and compassion centered around love. We fear change because we have been told since birth that change is difficult and scary therefore we stay away from it. That is a belief we need to correct right out of the gate because if we allow ourselves to fear change it will never come about!

Blessings to all,



9 thoughts on “Looking For The Core Again…

  1. Wonderful thoughts here VK.. Yes I so agree with you.. ” If given the freedom to be free, who do we become? How would we be? How would we think?” so so true…. I already see how school is indoctrinating my granddaughter in a belief system and no doubt my own belief system was coloured in exactly the same way.. As we are taught from the same text-books and ‘hymn-sheets’ so to speak..

    Thought provoking piece dear VK.. I hope the snow didn’t last and I hope its now milder.. Here we have a storm brewing.. ‘Katie’ 🙂 is her name.. 🙂
    Happy Easter dear friend xxx

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    • So sweet that they now name these insane storms that sweep in and kill us…How thoughtful. Stay safe from ‘Katie’ and never doubt that you can quietly undo in your Granddaughters mind what school has shoved in there…We just didn’t have awake people to tell us otherwise back then. Perhaps you need to work on Mommy and Daddy???? Love ya DW….VK ❤

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    • They have to have an ah ha moment sooner or later DW…At least we keep hoping so 🙂 Tough waking up those settled in their ways and beliefs. One of the hardest things ever to do 😦 But as you say, we keep trying!!! Stay strong and work your magic. I know you can do it! VK 🙂

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      • Keeping the Light alive in my Granddaughter who is a bright spark that I am sure will turn out just fine with some Dreamwalker encouragement 🙂 I now save my breath and bite my tongue.. Some will wake up when they are ready others will not.. 🙂


  2. Hi Mary…
    I honestly don’t think there is any one way to be or act, it is more about each of us recognizing honestly who we are. Minus ego’s pitfalls of course. I don’t think many folks even know who they are at this point they have been so distracted from going within and making connections. Nature was our gift for peace and silence so we could go within, connect and find our way in the world. Odd how we destroy the very things given to us for survival. Crazy. Hopefully our consciousness will rise up soon and we will all be able to grasp the importance of compassion and oneness…Patience is definitely being tested! Thanks for your words and feelings….Stay the course Mary….VK 🙂
    P.S. Finches are now bizzing around in the rain which thankfully is taking away the snow. The blue birds are checking out the boxes for summer deciding which one they will take this year to raise their young.

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    • Hey VK,
      I know, it’s crazy we are destroying the very thing that is the most generous and helps us the most. I think you are right. So many people don’t know who they are, or even have a desire to go inside to find the connections. Sad.
      Here on this land, beavers make the wetland. Without them, there is no wetland for all the other animals to live. Countless animals need wetlands for so many reasons. Beavers are also low on the food chain, so coyotes, mountain lions and bear eat them. Snapping turtles get their babies, as do hawks and owls. Why don’t they know that they are killing their own chances of survival? Seems like the consciousness of the masses is to destroy and devour, until they go into cocoon phase and stop devouring. We will all come out in our most creative forms. Maybe?
      Truthfully, I go in and out being in the world but not of it; and being furious. I don’t want to put furious vibes out there, so I have to stay away from the news more. Our media tells us nothing but dramatic, sensational lies. It’s all such a game. A fatal game. I have to believe that Love is stronger than Fear and somehow it will all be ok. Everything that is beyond my control, I have to let go. I do what I can, where I can, and just try to be in awareness, oneness and Love. Yes! patience is certainly being tested!
      Peace and blessings,


  3. Hey VK,
    Nice touch with the background music! I loved it.
    The world is a hard place right now, and I think we are all in different places with it. Different levels of “fighting” for what we believe in. I feel really strongly that the more we work on our own selves or egos, the more we can live in our Authentic Higher Selves without judgments, which in turn helps heal the world. We have created every last bit of what physical “reality” seems to be The world is a mirror, and all our stuff is right out there for us to see. So many causes. For me right now, my job is to Love. Unconditional Love and Compassion, which is not easy. I’m really starting to understand what Unity is for me, so I am trying to stay away from anything that causes separation within me. I used to be an activist, starting in the 60s until very recently. Now I feel I am pulling away. I still know what’s going on and I keep up some, but I don’t obsess like I used to. I only want to contribute loving energy. That may seem like a cop out, but right now, as I age…I don’t know. I’m just quieter somehow. Having been a therapist for so long, I’ve done a lot of ego work. I just want to love the earth now. I love the people that I love. I aspire to love everyone. I don’t yet. I think I’m past the hate and a lot of the fear, but I still have anger and desperate sadness, especially about what we are doing to the Planet, to animals and to children. So, if that is my anger trigger or mirror and we are betraying our Mother. How am I still betraying myself, my most innocent self? Yes, I also believe that chaos is all from ego. Problems we have created in ego can’t be solved there. The good thing about ego is that it shows us our shadow. It shows us what we need to heal, if we are willing to go there. So, I am just loving my little ego’s wounds, whatever is left until it just disappears completely. I will no longer need it. I feel close to being ready to let it go. I look forward to being free of it. I believe the world will change when every last person wakes up, forgives themselves and others, and who knows, maybe we will be in another dimension altogether. I don’t know. I guess we will know one of these days. See what you did with that music? You might think twice about having that. People might just go on and on like me! 🙂
    I honor you, VK. May peace and tranquility give you strength as we all face what we are facing. Enjoy your finches.
    Blessings ❤


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