2 thoughts on “Truth Hurts…

  1. Not to mention making it harder for certain groups of people to vote at all.
    Not to mention redistricting.
    And the equipment doesn’t even work!


    • I think this whole election period has been a wonderful awakening process to bring for the truth. Imagine to think we for many years have assumed we had choice, we had freedom and we assumed our voice mattered. To have been a part of that says to me how comatose we were at that time. Hollywood as it always does was playing out the truth for us but we could not pay attention. http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/coma/32208/looking-back-at-michael-crichtons-coma
      We had to have been for them to have gotten as far with this agenda as they have. It is a testament to the bringers of the new world that we have sprung awake long side Creators timing.. A big difference between then and now. You can see the glow of awakening hovering above everything, flickering gently as each new mind pops open. We are far closer than we have imagined. We don’t even realize how deep asleep we were, literally like being in a coma, suspended until a given time. That time has come and we are thawing out as painful as that is, first closing in from the horror of where we are in reality to eventually reaching out to help all those newly awakening come to grips with everything. It is shocking to have your reality ripped out from under you like a rug, but we hold on and grope through the darkness giving hope to others who follow until we finally begin to see that glow of evolution and new growth flooding in around us. That glow is a messenger telling how expansive we have become, the whole world is glowing. All the hurt the truth slams us with is worth it for it’s shock is blasting open minds and people have caught on to not only who they were, but now what they can become, all that they can become, endlessly..It is our decision….Freedom awaits….VK 🙂


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