Shades Of Color…

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True reality has been banging at my door recently, lots of hard issues to face and deal with, things to let go of…My latest challenge is to let go of my old story and completely create a new one. I haven’t got a clue where to even begin, but I feel the search calling out to me. Terrifying and exhilarating all in one big mass of energy surging through me. This shall be a massive undertaking to do an about-face, but isn’t that really what life is all about? It’s not in the journey on the main road getting there, so much, as finding deeper meaning in the detours we take in falling off the road. They are often trying and demanding detours. They are a maze of possibilities we are tossed into and we must find our way clear. Do I do this or that, do I go here or there? Decision making that ultimately will end up altering our way of life and encouraging us to move in a new direction. It’s like doing a body cleanse. Sometimes we just have to wipe the slate clean and begin anew as our consciousness has shifted.

Recently I have seen life in shades of colors for some reason. It is almost as if words can no longer express what I am seeing or experiencing. I see the color red everywhere obviously as there is anger and hatred and violence everywhere it seems. I see a good deal of brown shades all about as the environment begins to seriously decline and die. I see green EVERYWHERE as that is the energy color of money in my mind. Life these days seems to be all about money and control. But…That said, I also see a soft gossamer yellow energy hovering like fog all across the planet. It is the energy of many minds coming awake and seeing true reality for the first time. Explosions of new energy joining together. It is kind of electric and pulsating. The glowing fog overhead is the heartbeat of the people waking up together in slow unison.

In re-creating my story I will choose to bathe my painting in rich colors that please me and those around me. The simplicity and richness of the color of heavy cream will be the background of my masterpiece.  It is a favorite color. I wish the skies to be shades of lavender to express the infinite possibilities gaining higher consciousness can provide us on our path forward.  The white of the tumbling puff clouds high up in the lavender skies represent the purity of heart I choose to encourage within myself to become a better person. I see splashes of vibrant colors amongst the wildflowers in the fields I can visualize, splashes of my creativity I wish to bring to my life and leave everywhere I go. I see shades of metal gray that speak to the strength and courage I must bring forth to conquer my fears to complete this mission. Thankfully the color is not a cold gun metal gray, for it seems to shimmer and glisten like iridescent glitter. In other words I chose to make my new story strong and positive and from my heart. We are all the artists of our lives, and what we chose to paint is always up to us. What colors will you choose to paint your life story?

Blessings to all,