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While many people I am sure have no desire to ingest LSD, I was amazed to see these pictures of people’s minds before and after taking it! I can see now why they made this drug illegal. God forbid we should expand our minds. I took LSD in my adventurous twenties way back when and I will say my thinking was drastically altered and my big picture thinking expanded even further and stayed that way. I think there are great possibilities with this drug, not for pleasure as much as for helping people heal and embrace their world more completely. Very interesting study indeed.

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  1. Very interesting study! I also did quite a lot of hallucinogens in my 20s. I had great experiences. I took some also once in my 30s and once in my 50s. It really is amazingly expansive. I haven’t in my 60s, but you never know. Right, not for recreation, but for the learning and expansion. I had always wanted to use it with my dying clients, but of course I couldn’t being illegal. Have you ever heard of …um, I think Eboga. It’s a root from Africa that cures addictions. It has hallucinogenic properties, so it is illegal in US, but some other countries use it. One would need constant supervision, but apparently it really works. You do it for about 5 days in a row. I know there is a clinic in Mexico. I have always wanted to go there and maybe teach a workshop or something, just to see how they are doing it.

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    • Interesting! Never head of Eboga….I’ll have to go look it up. It truly is an amazing experience. Once your mind opens new quadrants within, life is never the same. I have a feeling humanity will be having such an experience soon when we make the final push to break free. It shall be a grand excuse for you to revisit it 🙂 Take care and have a great weekend….VK

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