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It really is interesting to watch your thoughts and beliefs shift and alter as you move throughout life. We encounter people or situations who inspire us and we can actually feel our energy being pulled out of us towards whatever it is that is inspiring us at that moment. It moves us, it alters who we are and often we feel suddenly alive and fully connected to that moment, that person, that situation. It invigorates our imaginations and electrifies our mind allowing it to expand and open up. That is what we refer to as exciting, no? I know what I feel when I encounter something or someone inspiring, I tingle and come alive like a hand or foot that’s been asleep. Personally I am a deep thinker/big picture thinker type person, I thrive on learning and expanding. I think Pop Legend Prince experienced bursts of inspiration everyday, in everything, and everywhere he went. It must have been remarkable to live life that way and he used his gifts well touching the world wherever he went.

If we can catch occasional bursts of inspiration as we wander through life, what’s to say we can’t have more of it in our life at our own choosing? How do we both give and receive inspiration in our life? I’ve thought on that many, many times as it is my dream to become inspiring in some capacity before I pass on. From a very early age I have always felt driven to somehow change the world. I’m glad I have such a grand aspiration, the question is can I do it? I am not certain as to the answer. I tend to look upon such things as being an inspiring person or being psychic etc. as being gifts we are given at birth, unattainable otherwise, but are they? Are my beliefs wrong perhaps and am I limiting myself by thinking ย this way? For as long as I can remember, the phrase ” There is nothing you can’t do if you put your mind to it” has been a part of our lives. There must be truth in that phrase if it is still has merit today.

I have thought quite a while about inspiration and looked deep within to try to figure out what emotions get triggered in me when I’m being inspired. First thing that came to mind was admiration and the second word was activation. When I am inspired it makes me want to DO something inspiring as well, to become an inspiring person as well. Could we not do that for ourselves? I have had sleepless nights trying to figure out how to make oneself inspiring. I guess for one thing you first have to have something interesting or comforting or a way of solving problems etc. to offer the world and I would imagine there is passion in that ‘something’ one feels to drive them to pursue that inspiring way of life. So how do we do that? Can we do that?

I think the world is sorely lacking inspiration and aliveness. It’s as if the world is numb and held on autopilot. We go through the motions but without interaction. It is time to look in that mirror and ask ourselves tough questions. I wish I knew how to ignite inspiration or could teach the world how to become inspiring, but it comes from within, you can’t teach it I don’t believe. It seems to be born out ย of how one views the world and how they view themselves. Prince was the epitome of self confidence! I think inspiration is lacking today because so many people are lacking a positive and contented view of themselves. Society has been taught over time to view itself as flawed, broken, in need of repair in some way. Advertising is always showing us a new way to fix ourselves. We don’t seem to believe in ourselves as we are, we can’t allow ourselves to believe we can attain whatever we want without question. These are the areas that need healing and compassion from our collective efforts to improve ourselves and in time, heal the world. We cannot conquer the dark if we don’t believe we can and we can’t believe we can if we don’t believe in ourselves. It is time to wake up to this truth.

Prince not only gave the world his kindness and music and inspiration, but through his passing he has stuck a mirror in front of humanity’s face and is asking us all ” Are you being all you can be and if not, why not? Become inspiring!”

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  1. The thing with changing the world, VK, is that it’s so big and there are a lot of people in it who refuse to accept change. That said, there are others, pioneers if you like, who grab hold to whatever it is that inspires them and run with it – come what may. I agree with Sue, and you are inspiring. Your posts are an outlet, and a beginning. The start of the butterfly effect. Keep doing what you are doing. You may not feel as though you can make a change, but you’re doing it already.

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  2. VK. You do inspire, and you are motivated in your desire to see this world change for the better.. We each do this in different ways.. Some are flamboyant and Prince had numerous gifts both musical and poetic. He dared to be himself… And didn’t care what others had to say he went ahead anyway..
    Many are afraid to be individual and stand out in a crowd the reason being when we Dare to be different we are often then given labels because we are not conforming to the norm..
    There are many out there in their quiet ways doing good, who in their own way are creating the world.. It is only the media that plays its tune to us.. And those who have yet to wake up to the pied piper tune it plays..
    There are many more awake people who inspire.. And You dear VK are among them..
    Love and Blessings my friend


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    • Thanks DW but I am afraid my need to inspire is far bigger than writing posts….I can’t explain it, it has been inside me since a child, the need to change the world in a massive way. It sounds crazy I know but it is a part of who I am…It’s frustrating at times to not be able to reach that dream, but I won’t stop trying I guess ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for your thoughts and YOUR inspirations! Happy weekending…Hugs..VK โค

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