Message To The World….


Instead of buying albums and crying about Prince and how you are going to miss him, honor him instead in a way that would mean the most to him! Take his inspiration and run with it to better yourselves and better the world around you! We must stop waiting right now to be rescued and step up to save ourselves and heal the world by sharing our love and compassion with everyone we meet. Most importantly, STOP accepting what is and strive for the best that can always be. The world needs each and every one of us now more than ever. No more silence, no more denial. Let us fight to end what is wrong in the world and build upon all that is right!


5 thoughts on “Message To The World….

    • Hey Lady….I hope the world learns how to give through learning about who he was, because GIVING was his middle name! Imagine the world if we all approached life the way he did….Wow! VK ❤


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