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It has been especially difficult for me to write sometimes during this time of transition we are encountering. While I feel a need to report the truth of what is happening in the world I feel people should know about and awaken those still deep in slumber, I also can value the power of positive thinking. The old ‘focus on what is right in the world’ mindset sits upon one shoulder while the reporter side of me sits upon the other screaming at me to tell what I know. I feel very strongly people need to become informed and pay attention to life again. So many have disengaged and we desperately need them to plug back in. While this whole voting sham is pathetic and it worries me to see so many still believe their vote counts, at least people are practicing paying attention again even if it is focusing on a lie. For once they are involved. People have come out of sleeping enough to question the whole process. It is a fine balance to manage right now. It seems everything is imploding in the world and if one is awake and paying attention and connecting the dots as to what is going on right in front of their eyes, it can all get a bit heavy. Lets face it, the world is flipping out right now or rather those running the show are flipping out. They’ve lost it, they are desperate to hold on, but they are slipping quickly towards the end of a greased rope!

It can be very overwhelming to many as we try to take on the burden of everything that is going on. Some of it we can ignore and turn away from, but other atrocities must be faced and I hope are dealt with soon. What is taking place all around the world is life altering in many ways, it changes who we are in increments.  As we are being forced to change in  small ways, the reality we are in is changing drastically as well and it can all be very unsettling. These times are definitely not for the faint of heart. We require immense strength as this change in paradigms continues to unleash great unrest and instability worldwide. The more the people awaken and begin to understand the truth of what is happening, the harder the dark pushes back, and is now throwing everything they have at us.  We must stay strong.

If anyone is dealing with issues of their own on top of everything else erupting, it can seem doubly stressful . It is essential to create a strong support group around you be it friends, neighbors or the blogging community. Humans are not meant to tough it out alone. Asking for help or support is not a weakness by any means, instead it shows one is awake and aware of themselves and they know when to ask for help and when they are strong enough to give it. It is important, I feel, to pace oneself through this unfolding shift of mankind. I fear it will get worse before it gets better, but if we are prepared mentally to deal with it by educating ourselves to the truth, then we will maintain balance through it all. This is why in the end it is far easier to keep moving forward if one knows the truth and has faced it head on. To avoid the truth and stay in denial makes understanding what is happening to you now impossible. You are then at the mercy of fear and insecurity from the unknown.

Hang in there everybody! I too am feeling the immense weight of everything that is unfolding at present. We will get through this dark time and once again feel the warmth of the light upon us. Welcome to the Twilight Zone. Take time to do things for yourself that bring you joy within to balance out the bad. It’s all about balance. Try not to dwell on what is wrong but still remain awake and aware. Find ways to release your creative energy for doing so builds you up and lets your heart sing. As the chaos increases find ways to ground yourself be it outside in nature or doing something you love, meditating, whatever. Above all stay gentle and compassionate. An angry heart is closed heart. We are all in this together! Share the love.

Blessings to us all,