Full Moon Ahead….


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Seems like yesterday I was posting full moon info. Time is rushing by at an incredible speed…It sounds like we still have some work to be done on the inside. Stay peaceful and far away from the insanity going on. Visit nature and find pleasure where you can. Here is the article. Enjoy.


Stray Thoughts…



I have been thinking lately(dangerous) and I am really appalled by what I see so often going on in the world. Not individual, nit picky things big or small, but rather the bigger picture as a whole. I don’t know if anybody else feels what I am feeling, but we have very serious, deep and complex  issues humanity needs to be tending to. What does it say about our society when we spend millions and probably billions of dollars on Super Pacs  and dirty , back room politics but not on tending to one another and making sure we are all healthy, fed and have a roof over our heads and most importantly we are not suffering? Why is there always a shortage of $ where these dollars are needed most? Because we have our priorities wrong! Just like the fact we pay athletes millions of dollars to play games and our teachers and police next to nothing to educate and protect us. Backwards.

I don’t want to come across as dramatic, but think how much good that money could do helping people find ways to rise up and reclaim their lives or put a meal in their belly for another day. If nothing else comes out of this election period, we certainly are learning the reality of what being lied to has done to us all these years. Our trust has been decimated, truth has been obliterated. We  are faced with deceit from the deepest levels. For many, they cannot yet entertain the truth of this reality around them, to fully grasp the consequences of what we have been captured in for so long. Reality is too raw and rough edged for many to get their minds around. It is far easier to deny and avoid, but that does catch up eventually.

To have our rug of ‘knowing’ whipped out from under us and all we believed in gets blasted apart like shards of glass, makes us realize all we truly have to hold onto is ourselves. It is our own consciousness that is creating the life in which we reside right now. If we are allowing ourselves to continue to engage in day-to-day living with blinders on and ear plugs in and not standing up for truth and honesty and what is morally right, then there will not be much world left for us to save will there? Many are so far astray from their cores I wonder at times if we will ever make it back. Minds have been hijacked and altered by programming for so long we do not even realize it has occurred.

All one has to do is spend an evening channel surfing their television set and if you watch closely, you will see subtle yet powerful and continual degradation of our values in every way imaginable from movies to advertising and everything in between. Our values are the glue that keeps this world circling together. Respect for one another and honesty must prevail. Our brains have been so overdosed with death and murder, and war and hatred and triviality, we see it in our reflections every where we go, for we are allowing it by not standing up for what we are against and offering something better. We think about it but what are we doing to change things?

It is time to restore morality before it vanishes. We’ve seen in the news where people coming together and standing up for their beliefs are gaining ground and forcing change. We must engage ourselves more openly in activities that encourage others to stand up for themselves and speak out against what is wrong and be willing to work towards what is right. The ‘silence is golden’ saying does not apply to these moments in time. Silence must not continue, we must find the courage to speak out and express ourselves,  push harder for change, for equality, to protect one another and to fight for our right to inhale freedom at long last and to explore what really matters because of it.

Blessings to all,





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While many people I am sure have no desire to ingest LSD, I was amazed to see these pictures of people’s minds before and after taking it! I can see now why they made this drug illegal. God forbid we should expand our minds. I took LSD in my adventurous twenties way back when and I will say my thinking was drastically altered and my big picture thinking expanded even further and stayed that way. I think there are great possibilities with this drug, not for pleasure as much as for helping people heal and embrace their world more completely. Very interesting study indeed.

Shades Of Color…


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True reality has been banging at my door recently, lots of hard issues to face and deal with, things to let go of…My latest challenge is to let go of my old story and completely create a new one. I haven’t got a clue where to even begin, but I feel the search calling out to me. Terrifying and exhilarating all in one big mass of energy surging through me. This shall be a massive undertaking to do an about-face, but isn’t that really what life is all about? It’s not in the journey on the main road getting there, so much, as finding deeper meaning in the detours we take in falling off the road. They are often trying and demanding detours. They are a maze of possibilities we are tossed into and we must find our way clear. Do I do this or that, do I go here or there? Decision making that ultimately will end up altering our way of life and encouraging us to move in a new direction. It’s like doing a body cleanse. Sometimes we just have to wipe the slate clean and begin anew as our consciousness has shifted.

Recently I have seen life in shades of colors for some reason. It is almost as if words can no longer express what I am seeing or experiencing. I see the color red everywhere obviously as there is anger and hatred and violence everywhere it seems. I see a good deal of brown shades all about as the environment begins to seriously decline and die. I see green EVERYWHERE as that is the energy color of money in my mind. Life these days seems to be all about money and control. But…That said, I also see a soft gossamer yellow energy hovering like fog all across the planet. It is the energy of many minds coming awake and seeing true reality for the first time. Explosions of new energy joining together. It is kind of electric and pulsating. The glowing fog overhead is the heartbeat of the people waking up together in slow unison.

In re-creating my story I will choose to bathe my painting in rich colors that please me and those around me. The simplicity and richness of the color of heavy cream will be the background of my masterpiece.  It is a favorite color. I wish the skies to be shades of lavender to express the infinite possibilities gaining higher consciousness can provide us on our path forward.  The white of the tumbling puff clouds high up in the lavender skies represent the purity of heart I choose to encourage within myself to become a better person. I see splashes of vibrant colors amongst the wildflowers in the fields I can visualize, splashes of my creativity I wish to bring to my life and leave everywhere I go. I see shades of metal gray that speak to the strength and courage I must bring forth to conquer my fears to complete this mission. Thankfully the color is not a cold gun metal gray, for it seems to shimmer and glisten like iridescent glitter. In other words I chose to make my new story strong and positive and from my heart. We are all the artists of our lives, and what we chose to paint is always up to us. What colors will you choose to paint your life story?

Blessings to all,




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Change! We all want change, we are all worn thin by the insanity of the world right now and many are frantic because they feel they can do nothing to make things better. I think it is time we finally admit to ourselves that we cannot change the hearts and minds of those we are up against in our quest to bring forth to the world the illumination of higher consciousness and a better way of life for all. Those that have chosen to enslave humanity to do their dirty work for them and make them wealthy,  have worked diligently for a very long time setting everything we see going on into motion. It has been hard to believe the truth at times of what they are doing because we cannot understand where they are coming from. We are here on earth together, but we live on different frequencies, our minds and our wiring are not the same. They are hardwired into the ego motherboard of indoctrination while we are softwired  into a universal energy source that has no agenda.

Lets face it, it is quite disturbing to look at the political leaders currently running the world into the ground and not feel deep betrayal. It is such a powerful emotion to wrestle with. We believed and we listened to a fault. We let down our guard and in doing so gave away our power and fell under their wicked spell. It was certainly not fairy dust they tossed into the air. Master minds around the world have been working since the beginning of time to understand the human brain and then sadly they turned their interest to how the brain might eventually be manipulated to serve a much-needed purpose for their agenda for dominance. It has been used for eons on ‘we the unsuspecting people.’ They have been sinking in their claws a little at a time and we did not even notice until it was almost too late, the spider was getting ready to pounce. We were lured in, kidnapped and captured and now we are struggling to break loose and fly free. This is why we must awaken quickly and take back our minds and kick-start our hearts into feeling again before they freeze up.

I know all to well that awakening is not an easy process. It is why so many of us out here have blogs where like-minded people can go for support, for answers, for guidance and for friendship. Each and every soul awakens differently just like we have our own different, physical traits. It took me personally four non-stop sleepless days and nights to go through the process from denial, to curiosity, to realization, to shock and horror and finally, with time, I continue to work on the acceptance of what is. Humanity has been driven apart and made to live on separate islands for so long now as a form of control, we have forgotten the important roles we play in each others lives. We are one, it is our human nature to care about each other and to reach out and help.  We must not let these powerful kernels of faith of who we are as the human species be wiped clean from our story.

We are being broken down slowly, piece by piece. They destroy the family, they try to take away religion, they have allowed television to become the catalyst for ruining our basic morals of life, they force feed our minds 24/7 with death and destruction to drive the message home that we don’t matter, that life doesn’t matter, that death and killing don’t matter. We have been pitted against each other over race and gender and now political correctness to keep the hate growing amongst the people, while the love is diminishing. We must not allow this to continue. It will require people forcing themselves to look at the truth and eventually accept it, because only then can you see so plainly everything that is going on today that you didn’t even see before. Your world will be altered permanently to ‘before awakening and after awakening’, it’ is sadly unavoidable because you will never think the same way again once you have faced the truth. It is disturbing, exhilarating and yes, knowing  truth does equal freedom!

Blessings to us all,