Magical times…

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These are the times when Magic can unfold if we look beyond the chaos and our minds stay open to interact with the magic! As the old script for life fades away and a new one now comes forward and beckons us to partake in a new way of being , we are finally realizing our new powers. We are quickly learning to use our new discovery of figuring out what we want and then creating it! We have come to realize at long last, we can indeed create with our minds and alter our own realities. Like changing channels on the TV, we can switch the dial and create a new story to live by. Quite an astonishing fact to consider really. For most of our lives we have lived within this present reality where we thought we were free but could never see beyond our belief to the lies that were lurking beneath the surface. We see only now, why so many could never get ahead and blossom. Captivity has a way of doing that. It has felt for so long as if we were at the mercy of someone or something else hovering over our lives and now we know they are, pushing us in deliberate directions.

So, if we do not like this reality, it is time to take the bull by the horns and change our stories and eventually the world’s story will change as well. We are not victims. Creating a new story requires us to embrace action,¬†changing old habits buried in our automatic thinking and replacing them with new, encouraging, supportive beliefs that will help, not hinder us in becoming the new beings we are meant to become! It is time we focus on the magic of the gifts we have been given and use them to raise ourselves up and heal the world.

Blessings to us  all,