Checking In….

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Happy day to all. I have been experiencing a strange phenomenon lately and while talking to a friend this morning and to others as well about town, many people it seems are struggling with what to eat these days. Are you one of those people? Do you struggle to cook a meal only to take a bite or three and it no longer tastes right to you. You stop eating. You look in every cupboard for something to eat but nothing looks appealing. Same for the refrigerator, you stand in the doorway letting the cold air spill out onto your bare feet, but see nothing that calls out to you. You close the door and walk away only to return a half hour later and repeat the process because you feel hungry. I used to love to cook, it was like meditation to get lost in the process and I loved the finished product, but not anymore.  Eating seems to have now become more of a chore or necessity rather than a pleasure. So how many other folks have encountered the same problem? I am certain there are more out there which was why I wrote this post.

I think it is time we all check in and see what we are experiencing these days. Are you the odd duck out or are many others out there being affected by strange phenomenon as well. Are we being mind controlled, are Chemtrails changing our bodily systems so we don’t understand how or what to feed them anymore? Is the energy shift accompanying the change from old paradigm to new paradigm doing something to our bodies? Who knows what lies ahead for us? It is baffling and my naturally curious mind wants to know the whys and wherefores as to what is going on.

For a while I just thought it was me dealing with stress or something, but I kept hearing more people describe the same situations. We know by now from having been on this journey for years that we are undergoing a major shift in consciousness within humanity and although having been aware it was coming, to be smack dab in the middle of it can be quite unsettling at times. Knowing others are going through what you are as well helps to keep us united, aware and awake and more importantly, connected! As one. I believe even tougher times lay ahead for us before we fully manifest our desires for peace, love and unity among all. Share your thoughts on how you are holding up under the pressure of change, do you need support, can you find answers? This process is not to be taken lightly.

I hope with summer and fresh veggies I can return to eating again, but perhaps not. Who knows? If creatures can drop tails and legs and gills to adapt to their new environment, I assume we shall as well. Maybe the food phase of being human is fading out? Maybe the food we usually get from the sun’s energy is being held back from us through Chemtrails to the point where we can’t figure out how to adapt, what we need to do to change, to eat, to resupply our systems that are running short. It is all a mystery in many ways. We can fully understand now we are in uncharted territory, where no man has gone before. Yes, it feels a bit like Star Trek these days in many ways. I think we must just go with the flow, keep trying out new options, solutions, and answers to the questions we all have right now. We have to find our own answers, create our own solutions for survival, figure out what is missing and what we each need and trust in ourselves to find the best way into the new paradigm. We have arrived.

Blessings to all,