I Never Tire Of This…

This quick little video has such a profound message, one I like to remind myself of often. I mean, ask yourself this: Why do we continue to take commands from people who have no authority to tell us how to live our lives? It is sheer insanity so well inbred in us we do it by automation. No thought required. We DO matter though, we DO have great gifts to offer the world, we DO have the right to live life how we desire, we most certainly DO have the right to be whomever we choose to become. We have been blinded and unable to see the sides of the trap all around us that we are now finding ourselves stuck in. It reminds me of the invisible, underground dog fence. We are surrounded by one, we look out and think we are free yet if we venture too close to the outside of the box, we are shocked back into denial of what is. Eventually enough people will come to fully grasp the depth of this ant’s message and it will help tip the scales to the side of freedom. Only when will we finally understand what has been taken away from us will we see what is rightfully ours that we must take back! Our lives and our souls. It is imperative that we finally see this for what it truly is.

Blessings to all,